Home-based nurse in SG

Good day! Its been a month that i cannot settle my mind. I am a nurse currently working in riyadh. My 2years contract is about to end this July 12. I have an offer as a home-based nurse for Singapore. My recent employer is offering me to renew for a year. I wanted to grab the offer of sg bec its very near to the Philippines. My concern is that i dont have any idea of home-based nurse there. Hows the employer? Any one here doing the same job? Because if its not that good then ill just renew here. Thank you!

Read through the below link and get an idea about how it works here. Good or bad it depends on what the individual doctor offers you in offer letter and vary case by case.

https://www.moh.gov.sg/content/moh_web/ … vices.html

To get a work pass or S pass is difficult in SG and no guarantee that it will be successful and sometime pass approval pending more than months.

So, I would suggest to proceed working pass with your new employer here if it gets approved then only you leave your present job. If you have to renew your existing contract there then you have to decide as getting a pass in SG is not that easy. Good luck.

Thank you so much 😊

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