hello,,,,,is there anybody out there !!!!!!!

I am from South Africa, I am a Radio Broadcaster on LM Radio and an Architect, I am currently self employed since 1979, my maternal great grandmother was born in Cork and my wife is British.
My wife and I are DESPERATE to relocate to Ireland, preferably Cork or Gallway but are not fussy.

You didn't mention what exactly you are seeking here on the site.  Do you have a question?

Expat.com Experts Team

Im not sure that you read my posting properly, its all there what I am wanting. ????

garthjw :

Im not sure that you read my posting properly, its all there what I am wanting. ????

I read it just fine.  Let's put it this way, how do you expect anyone here to help?

We are both looking for work so we can.....
relocate to Ireland, preferably Cork or Gallway but are not fussy which town.

Assuming you are both South African citizens, the first thing you need to do is get into the country; if you follow this link, it will take you to the Irish government website that deals with immigration.

As for a job, assuming you will be looking for work as an architect, you need to check if your qualification is recognised in the EU; if it is, you can apply for jobs in that skill.  Assuming you have a professional association in SA, they should be able to help you out.

Hope this helps. :)

Thank you so much. I will certainly look into this as we desperately want to get out of South Africa we are not young, I am married 66 and my wife is 56.
I am registered with the South African Architectural Profession.

I was of  the opinion I need a job in Ireland first before applying to relocate.

I am also a boat skipper and a Radio broadcaster, I know it's a mishaps mash of professions but that's how my cards fell I'm affraid.

I'm so hoping that somebody will employ us and we are available for Skype interviews and if it's to be architecture which I've been doing good since 1979 and I am still doing it have 100's of plans for a portfolio.

Hi garthjw and welcome to expat.com,

I have one important a friendly advise to you. Don't waste your time to look for an architect job or hope of doing it in Ireland.

Remember recession and building cris that did happen  some years ago ? Well even if recession seems an old story, the building crisis however is not. There is still over 80 000 unemployed construction workers in Ireland. It's not gonna work until lots of stuff get sorted out and especially the rentability to build as lots of costs related to construction did  reach an insane level.

Career change strongly advised if you're really looking to come and to live here.

Just my 2 cents, there as I would not like you waste your time for such a thing a miss an opportunity for doing something else ^^

Best of luck !

Kind regards,

Portgas D. Ace

Hi there
Thank you so much for this advice I value it immensely
My name is Garth and Wendy is my wife, not only is architecture in my skill set, I've also been a radio broadcaster since the early eighties and currently I am on LM Radio (xxx) I do Saturday 10am to midday as well as Sundays 09:00 to 13:00 South African time.

I am also an Iradologist and boat skipper and if I may say so I am an excellent administrator and people manager.

I do realise that a great job would be in architecture but at the same time I can't expect to walk in there and take somebodies livelihood.

Thank you for your response I hope to learn more from you.

Garth J Whittaker

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Hi Garth

I think you and your wife are very brave to make this move, fair play to you guys. I gather you have given this move a great deal of thought.. I would agree with previous posters on the job front. The job market is tough at the moment and you are going to compete not only with locals, eu citizens but also people much younger than yourself. What about starting your own business have you thought about it ? You could try RTE the national television and radio network. Just bare in mind you might need to be fluent in the irish language though. There are other radio networks but try the main one and see how you get on. All the best

Thank you so much for this advise, yes it is very scary at our ages, I would love to get into Radio or TV there but sadly I know of none of them, ideally an "agent" for me there would be the best way I would presume.

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