Looking for a job in New Zealand

Hi all,

I am looking for a job in New Zealand in accounting. I have master degree in Professional Accounting from University in Australia and have more than 4 years experience in accounting in my home country (Indonesia). My most recent job was as a finance officer.

I have tried to apply any accounting job that I found in seek, traeme, and others websites from entry level to mid level role without any luck. I have contacted some recruitment agency in New Zealand and they all require me to have NZ experience, which is I will not have if nobody want to offer me a job without this NZ experience in my resume.

Anybody in the same situation? How to get NZ experience? I have tried to find internship job also without any luck :(

Any suggestion will be appreciated


Thanks...I will try to do your suggestion

I live in Auckland in north shore

All the best I am a Bookkeeper and I am still struggeling while some people here who think they should educate you religiously lol....To make you fit to they image...

I am a number person and but really i begin to lost any kind of interest and patiency with the time... For all when people think they should show you how superior they are...

Search for accountants some like to work with you but for not much money this is what I did experimented...

I did join the NZbookkeeper association before they started around 2010, and you as accountant join the NZICA cost lot of money but give you the best card, a cheaper aleternative the NZBAI (Bookkeeper association to google)

I am working from home your hourly rate should be between $65 and $85 depending if you take employees +GST not less than this.

And take care they are lot of people who like to profit on any new comers... Money is hard in New Zealand and sometime you just take a job or the other just to come through, this is what happened to me... Be multi Tasks.

I keep my business moving but you must be open for other alternative and think out of the box...

In one word this is not easy .... I wish you success!

Shall you find that success Think that I could work with you, keep in touch!

Hi EyminS,

thanks for the information. I have checked all of the professional association that you mentioned and I think I am interested to know more about NZBAI.

After see some information in NZBAI website, I assumed that to become certified member, I need to pass the test (30 questions).

I am a little bit worry with this test because I am not familiar with New Zealand accounting regulation yet. I graduated from University in Australia and haven't had any accounting experience yet in NZ, so I am not really familiar with NZ accounting practice yet such as payroll.

Do you have any idea where can I learn that? or do you think become Associate Member is enough for me in order to find a job here?


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