looking for english-speaking doctor recommendations

Hello all:)

I am new to Montpellier and also to this site. I am looking for a recommended doctor here who speaks English and preferably located near Les Arceaux neighborhood if possible. Any leads appreciated!


Hi dswift,
Welcome! I'm in Sète, so don't get to Montpellier for things like doctors :-\  But...
Check out these anglophone-in-France Facebook groups:
THINK South of France
If you're a woman, see LIL and Long Duck Ladies.
I know at least that LDL group has a "recommended" file that includes doctors.
Also, I was just at my OFII meeting, and the doctor there said to ask at a pharmacy! Most pharmacists speak English, and certainly know about the doctors in the area.
Good luck,

If you look for an english speaking doctor in Montpellier, you can go to Pharmacy Rondelet, they speak a perfect english and are connected to a few english friendly doctors in Montpellier.

Pharmacie Rondelet
18 place st Denis
340000 Montpellier

This is hors sujet but I need to talk to someone living in Montpellier
I am currently in Texas looking to move this summer
I am hesitant between Montpelier Nice and Toulouse
I need info regarding daily life and jobs
Can you communicate with me?

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