Work Permit - Health requirements

After considering it for a while and realising that I do not like my current job and that I really would like to leave Europe I finally decided to move to Vietnam beginnning 2018.

I have started contacting companies to check if they look for expats and got some replies already asking for my CV. I hope I find a job this way.

However, I had another look at the requirement for work permits and I cover nearly everything needed (degree, more than 3 years experience in project Management & Strategic Management. etc). However, I am now worried about one aspect - the health part. I am quite healthy with the exception that I am diabetic, though I never had any issues.
Does anyone know if they decline a work permit of applicants having diabetis? Or do I not need to worry about it?

And yes, I already checked and luckily the medication I need is available in Vietnam (and I know that I will have some issues to get the correct health insurance).

Any advise would be much appreciated.

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