Job wanted,Railway engineers required?

I read with interest the column in the Singapore Business review regarding the need for railway engineers for the expanding and developing MRT network,below is a copy of the extract:

The Ministry of Transport is in need of additional 15,000 rail engineers and technicians by 2030, as it grows Singapore's rail network.

According to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, LTA and the two rail operators have increased their hiring for engineering, operations and maintenance by 50%, bringing the total industry headcount to about 9,300.

"By 2030, we expect this number to further increase to 15,000. This makes the rail industry a growth industry, whose employment prospects are almost guaranteed in the next decade.

I myself am extremely interested in working on these exciting projects and relocating from the UK.Adverts on the LTA website do not specify if expats would be considered and my question is does anyone know if these positions are to be filled by Singaporeans only?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Certainly not that all the projected numbers are going to be filled by local engineers here. At initial stages they will require foreign talents with experience in similar field. Hence, if you have the experience then I would suggest to visit MRT website (click below link) and registered your profile including your current salary and other details for their consideration. Wishing you good luck.

Thank you for the reply and guidance , I have previously  added my details to the LTA website and I will keep applying for all suitable positions.

I don't think the quoted numbers can be filled by locals.
Hpowever, regulations stipulate that any job must be unsuccessfully posted on the (locals only) job bank for two weeks before hiring a foreigner can be considered.

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