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Hi guys,

do u think it would be ok to apply for the exit clearance visa 5 days before the departure?


No. You should apply it 3 weeks before your leave. The clearance is valid for 30days from the day you apply until the day you leave. I have a sample of the clearance order which was copied on march 4th this year.

Are you saying it will take more than the stated 3 days to get the ECC. I leave on the 17th of May and still have to get my ECC

No. The ecc that I mentioned on the paragraph spent 5 days(the apply would be verified in nbi and immigration, and signed by the commander of both). If you apply it just 5 days or 3 before you leave I'm worrying if it would be passed. My copy of the ecc order has a clear timeline that I know 5 days needed. And the letter was taken from the angency ( you see, the angency always more quickly than you apply by yourself)

Ok, you can submit the apply 10 days before your departure. Don't be too late. Because I have several friends in Manila and I help them to manage their trip, I do read the order carefully.

Hi Jone,

Given that the government, any government can be slow to get things done I would say probably not. To insure you are able to travel on the desired date you should give them at least 14 working days just to be sure.
Would be a terrible thing to have a paid, maybe non-refundable ticket and then can not travel.

I got exit clearance same day, but to be sure apply 1-2 weeks before departure. They can be slow.

Went to immigration today in manila. Forms all filled out and documents attached. They then asked me to complete another document for the ARS. Not exactly sure why bit I filled in the form and gave them the documents they needed. After finger prints and photo was taken I had to wait for someone to call my name. After an hour they called my name and handed me a slip of paper saying to go back on the 16th of may for my ECC. I asked if I needed to pay and the guy replied " no just come back here on the 16th" something tells me I am going to have a problem

Hi.. They required you to come back for the releasing of your ECC  because it isn't be release same day of your application.

The requirement is 72 hours prior to departure, I always try to get at least 7 days prior to departure, gives a little time if problems are encountered. I note that some immigration offices have asked for people to return for their ECC. I have used Cebu and Cagayan De Oro and been issued whilst I wait, so again depends on your immigration office.

I dont think you will have a problem unless you had dealings with the government and owe them money!  I thought you need to pay for the ecc in advance cz thats how they do things in this country pay now, get screwed later

My immigration office in Quezon City in the mall told me two weeks, so i guess it depends on where you go cz it sure looks like not all offices do everything the same way from what im told and reading!

Just go to your local BI office and ask them how long it will take!

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