Iqama is about to expire and final visa not processed.

hi. Im a nurse here in riyadh for straight 3years. I did not avail my vacation so I can go home earlier after my contract ends by March 20,2017. But its not the case, now they r telling I should finish until my iqama expires, I checked my iqama expir. and it says 1438/08/17(hijri) and convert to gregorian calendar means May 13 or 14th of May. But when i came to my HR he says it will b expred on 25th May. He might b thinking am a fool. There is onlne checking already, and still they thinks we r fool. This is the only placed that I know professionals are being fooled. But I told them I am not. They keep telling me In Sha Allah. I am a muslim I know what it means but I got traumatized with that word bcuz it might says 10% true and 90% falls. Subhanallah. I am afraid that maybe I wll got the same experience by my previos co-worker that she trusted them until she gots her iqama is renewed and she pays 3500 for it. They r doing this to their employees as a punishment and a business as they gets money from it. Actually why they r giving punshments theyre employees didnt give them troubles they just ask for their rights but the employers thinks ur against them. Now, I bought my own flight ticlet as they promised to give my final exit visa 2days after, but they didnt hold to our agreements. We did such agreement to avoid placing this case on labor office. Now that they trying to fool  me again, I am thinking of placing this totally in labor office and stop going to work. I have my brother with me who can help me. But I dont have my contract copy already, only i have my certificate of employment thy provide when applying for dataflow. Is it a powerful evidence cuz it provides the time when I start working for them.I have my iqama with me also. Thankyou in advance for giving me such a good advice.

Contact your embassy for help

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