RUSSIA WORLD CUP 2018...will it be safe?

I am a Scottish male I love travelling, sport and photography etc. I have visited many countries and love meeting all Nationalities.

As an expat I need YOUR advice please....I intend to visit MOSCOW on my own for The World Cup in June next year but I have to book my airline ticket very soon and book accomodation in Moscow.

However due to the serious trouble in France last year at The European Championship I am concerned regarding my safety and if YOU think it is still advisable to travel.

I only want to enjoy this spectacular football tournament, love this spectacular as a NUETRAL supporter.

During my visit as I am on my own I wish to meet expats and also exchange views with other Nationalities while sightseeing and  visiting the wonderful city of Moscow and generally have a pleasant time.

I may visit other Russian venues but expect to stay mainly in Moscow as there are many matches in the capital.

Your replies will be much appreciated and your helpful advice will assist me in making a decision if I should still visit Russia in June 2018.

Thank you .......Jimmy

HI Jimmy,
It is safe in Moscow and suburbs untill you follow safety rules general for any big city.
So you don't need to worry too much if you
1 don't overuse alcohol and the alike
2 keep eye on you wallet (and remember that jeans' hip pocket is not the best place to do so)
3 don't show off your wealth and money
4 keep away from illegal activities (prostitution is also illegal in Russia)
5 for the first time it is safer if you not alone and with official guide and official group, but not necessary
As to the football funs, there was only one serious incident in Moscow centre (shop glass breaking, cars set in fire, violence) about 15-20 years ago or so and since then it has been very quiet. Nothing that could be classified as mass violence as in recent tournament somewhere in Europe. However, I've heard of the agreed clashes between funs outside Moscow, but police is watching closely and supress such the attempts. In general, there is an open and serious discussions of measures to be taken and promotion of peace and warm welcome to tourists.  The funs known to be troublemakers won't even be able to get into the stadiums. So it is clear that governing bodies take the international football events seriously. This is not the 100% guarantee, but I hope it is close. :cheers:

Thank you Mary for your kind reply I appreciate it and hope that everything goes smoothly at The World Cup.
I have to book my airline ticket soon about 11 months before the event therefore I have to decide very soon but it is difficult sometimes when you are on your own. Unfortunately I dont speak Russian although as I always show respect and with a smile this always helps as I find people get on well together irrespective of Nationality religion etc.
Do you know of any local English speaking people groups or expats meetings etc as I would prefer to build up friendship prior to going to I think it would be better if I knew a few local Russians.
I have a year before I go and as you know The World Cup is in June/July next year.
I plan to stay in Moscow for about 9 days.
Thank you again for your reply Mary....hope you have a good week.......Jimmy

Have a good week too, Jimmy
Well, not all russians speak english. Information for tourists is not on the good level too at least now. But... names of the most streets have english version. Information in museums and public places tend to have english version. You can also find maps of Moscow in English almost in any big hotel.  So if you'll plan your trip in detail and keep within safety rules I see no problems.
Smile is a good approach )))
Unfortunately, I can't help you with finding your fellow countrymen. But you can try this link
It is a whole year ahead of the event, so I can't tell for sure if I will be in Moscow at that time.
But anyway, you can contact me for info anytime.

Hi Jimmy, I think I give you an advice as I lived in Russia for many years.

I also attempted some intense football games in Moscow (like derby games between Spartak Moscow and CSKA Moscow) as well as this summer I went to the 2017 Confederations Cup.

Honestly, you don't need to be concerned about your safety during the World Cup in Russia. As I understand, you are mostly worried because of the hooligans. They'll be taken care of during the World Cup, police in Russia is very experienced in dealing with this kind of violence. In my opinion what happened in France was mostly on police who did nothing to PREVENT the violence.

Fans that came to the Confederations Cup this year had a lot of fun in Russia. Especially fans from Chile, they were like super fan, crazy and friendly :) No accidents or safety issues during the tournament. The worst thing happened was a situation with a journalist from Chile, he took a cab from the airport in Moscow and was scammed by the taxi driver. At the end, he got the money back with help from police.

I would say, that taxis is what I'll be the most concerned about. I'll always recommend to better use Uber than take a taxi in Russia.

If you want, check out here for more information on this topic:

Hope it helps,
see you in Russia next summer!

Hi Tartanjim,

Of course trip to Russia is safe. ***

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Thanks fans ID has been accepted and have 3 +1 tickets so far......trying to get 3 more as the max. total you can apply for is 7 in total with FIFA.
Going to St Petersburg twice ...Moscow ...Saransk...maybe Nitzny Novogrod...may need GUIDES or help from locals ...any Nationality!
...dont speak any Russian....thank you for your message are most kind!
Jimmy from Scotland...(travelling 'solo')

Hi Tartanjim,

There is online editor for Fan ID photos.

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Yes... major cities in Russia (and towns and villages) are just as safe if not safer than really any American city.  That might sound surprising, but there aren't really any bad neighborhoods, and with even a reasonable level of street smarts, you should have no problem.

Here is an article on safety in Russia: … in-russia/

Hi Jimmy , I am from Leicester and will be going to the Russian World Cup .

I am going by myself , so look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Raj....thank you for your message I am visiting Moscow and St Petersburg watching 7 tickets confirmed by FansID.....cant wait...YES ...pleased to give you any info. (if required) and pleased to meet up!
Send me direct message or via ex.pat)

Hi Jimmy , I will be in St Petersburg from 23 to 27 June . Will watch Argentina v Nigeria . Only one match due to other commitments . Will you be in the city during that time ?

Regards , Raj

Hi Raj
What a shame I LEAVE St.Petersburg at 6.30am on Saturday 23rd  for Moscow (2nd time) to Belgium v guess we cant meet up...after Moscow I go to Saransk via Penza....for Iran v Portugal.

For other expats info I am in St Petersburg 11th June to 15th June inc.
Moscow 16th June to 20th June inc.
St Petersburg 21st June to 22nd June inc
Moscow 23rd June...then leave Moscow 24th June for Saransk.

Thanks Raj
Any info. you or an other ex pat (or Russians) require info or a 'meet up' feel free to contact me...thank you Jimmy
(Scotland and Leicester City supporter)

Hi Jimmy,
I am Russian and have lived in Moscow all my life. I would love to help you with any advice you might need. I will be travelling a lot outside of Moscow during this summer (8 games), although we have one match in common, Belgium v Tunisia. Yet you may ask any tip you like from a native Muscovite (that is, don't ask me about hotels, I have never stayed in any of them). General considerations: fear nothing, you will have a wonderful time. I visited four games of last year's Confederations Cup, as well as the fan zone in St. Petersburg, met a lot of Mexicans and Chileans, and we all had a wonderful and very friendly time, although many of them do not speak any English, not to mention Russian. From my experience at the Confederations Cup, volunteers will help you from the moment you step on our soil. Signs and information in English will surely be anywhere. English-speaking personnel is now being actively hired, including the Moscow Metro (tube). As for hooligans, forget about them right now. I sometimes go to football matches, there is not a sign of them. Overall, with a friendly (or at least neutral) approach, you will find as much help as possible from any Russian, no doubt about that.
Best regards,

Hi! I live in Moscow,  learning english. In  spare time I'm moonlighting on  car. I can meet at the airport, organize some trips, advise cultural events.  You can write me to mail ***

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Hello everyone! I am kinda new to this. Came across this thread and decided to post. I am going to the WC too and have already gotten my FanID (thank god it's easier to do from Russia). Does everyone know that a FanID is required to enter a stadium?

Hi Seeany , got my FANS ID recently . Did it from UK. Correct to enter Russian Stadia FANS ID is needed.

Thank you. I looked it up too. And I also found out that it actually give very many advantages. Like, for instance, discounts in eateries! Could you guess?

Yeah! I know! So generous of them! They give out free rides on public transport and also discounts. I Got my FanID just today. I am in higher spirits, tbh

Wow. i also found out that they are going to start a site with all the advantages of a fan id listed! It will make it way easier for us

Hey, Sean! In terms of fanID functions, here are some of them. FanID on a laminated form is issued at the FanID Distribution Centers located in the host cities of the FIFA World Cup 2018 ™.
Electronic form FanID does not give the right to enter the stadium on the day of the match does not allow free use of public transport. It also gives an opportunity of no-visa entry to Russia! Entry to the Russian Federation is possible from June 4 to July 15, 2018. Departure from Russia is possible from June 4 to July 25, 2018.

Cheers! Very helpful, indeed. Also, "To enter the territory of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to present an identity document, the data of which was used during the FanID and the FanID on a laminated form or its electronic form. It is better to print out the electronic form of the FanID on an A4 sheet and take it with you.". So, you could technically get in straight after getting your email with e-fan Id on it. Such a relief, that there is no wait 'till they dispatch it in paper. You can simply pick it up later on being in Russia already

You mean free public transport and discounts in shops and museums? Oh, I know about this, cheers

Btw,mates they dropped a site with all the info upon the advantages of a fanID on it (like transport). It might be helpful

Yeah. As soon as football hooligans will present all their plans for 2018, Russia will for sure disclose all  the security  details  too. ))) Being a Russian citizen I hope they all will be given a big fat chance to watch football online.  :dumbom:

Could you guess?  you can travel to Belarus and to Russia visa-free. Just make sure you have your fanid with you

if you are going to Moscow for the World Cup, let's meet. my friend recommended me several places in the center of Moscow. Karaoke FortePiano and men's club with Russian cabaret show Le Rouge, I really want to go there when I have free time

Kerny :

Could you guess?  you can travel to Belarus and to Russia visa-free. Just make sure you have your fanid with you

Just to make this clear, this is only for the duration of the world cup, and you must have your Fanid with you for you to travel visa-free. Without it, you will be refused travel.

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I wonder, if the place is that dangerous what are you doing in Moscow? Money I guess... Guys, don't lose your head and money with this missionary, - there is a "dislike" towards the western policies, not people.

Yep, exactly! But still, it's a nice opportunity, isn't it? here is the official statement from there ministry of foreign affairs … id/3236511

And you can also sneak into Russia using your e-FanID. Just note that you can pick it up later ONLY AT THE DISTRIBUTION CENTER, not at the airport.

"sneak into Russia"....  :)

Gay couples seen kissing in public by Russian Cossacks during the World Cup will be reported to police, it is being claimed.

The tournament begins in 11 cities across the country next week.

Rostov-on-Don, a southern city, will reportedly have 300 Cossack vigilantes on patrol to help the police keep the streets safe, including 100 on horseback.

"If two men are kissing each other at the World Cup, we will tip off the police, drawing their attention to it and the rest is a police matter," Oleg Barannikov, a head coordinator of the Cossack volunteers told Radio Free Europe affiliate Current Time.

"To us, values mean the (Christian) Orthodox faith and the family come first."

The extreme views of some Cossacks will be a concern for some nations.

They are reported to have beaten anti-Putin demonstrators with leather whips last month.

However, local media have reported that they will not be carrying whips during the tournament.

Homosexuality is not illegal in Russia but recent legislation bans the distribution of material publicising non-heterosexual relationships.

Russia's football union has stated it will not ban World Cup visitors from displaying rainbow pride flags.

England's Football Supporters' Federation (FSF) has advised fans to "trust their instincts" during their visit.

"While the British embassy in Moscow is not aware of any increased difficulties for British people travelling in Russia… [fans should] remain vigilant to the possibility of anti-English or anti-British sentiment," the FSF said.

It added that while "many perceive Russians as either reserved or unexcitable - they are in many cases actually more emotional than 'Westerners'".

Sorce: Sky News

Pretty fair, I'd say.

Hello ! I hope you haven't forgotten that until 31st December 2018, you can visit Russia without needing to get a visa, just using your FAN ID. Visit one of the world's most sparkling sight, enjoy the beautiful natural landscape! More information on

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