Working in District 6 - where to look for accommodation?

Hi everyone,

I'm moving to HCMC in a few weeks, and in June will start working on Hong Bang in District 6. My work is near D6's borders with D5 and D11.

I'm just scratching my head a little as to where I should look for rooms to rent. I am planning to be there relatively long-term so I'm fine with being a little outside the central hubbub, but I also want to have fun, be able to walk to some interesting places, see live music, local life, go to the cinema, make friends etc. so I'd rather not be completely removed. Affordability is also a factor.

I was thinking D5 would be a good place to look as it's in between 6 and 1. Does anyone know, is it a particularly enjoyable place to live? I've heard there's good food and affordability, but not as much English speaking, and apart from the temples and Chinese influences it's a bit homogeneous. Of course, random online testimonials are hardly the most reliable source of critical information.

As a first time expat, would I have a better life, for example, renting in D3 or D7 (or even D1) and just commuting to work, given that it's on a main road? I can see where these places are physically on the map, but I suppose I am just unclear about the difficulty and time involved in travelling between them. I will probably be using taxis and public transport at first, and building myself up to getting a moto in a few months.

I know 'enjoyable' and 'better' are relative terms. Even a few pros and cons of each area would be really helpful.

Also - what about D6 itself? Binh Tan, Tan Phu? Would I be estranged from the main excitements of the city? If so, is this really a blessing?

D11, D8 - I can't seem find much information. Are they just fairly standard local-centric zones?

Thanks very much. Even brief input on any one of these many questions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi David, accommodation must be near your working place, and dont worry because lots of available room or house for rent here also reasonable pay. Leisure would be so easy out side if you have local friends. Finally, just come and do it.

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