Want to move to Buenos aires

Hi everyone,

I am currently living in Canada but I want to go live in Buenos Aires.
I have done an exchange at the San Andres University in 2015 and fell in love with the city and its people !

I have graduated from university and hold a financial market B.B.A.
I also speak perfect spanish/english/french.
I am looking to move to Argentina but first I need to find a job so to support myself and grow my professional career !!

If anyone works or knows someone in the financial industry in Buenos Aires and could give me advice on how to proceed, I you be immensely grateful !!
I can't stop dreaming about going back to live there  :heart:
Thank you everyone :)

Hi florent9 and welcome to expat.com. :)

Just to inform you that a new topic has been created using your post on the Argentina Forum so that members can easily assist you.

Best of luck in your future endeavours.


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