Work with you!

Namaste my friends 🙋! I am going to come in New DELHI during 2 months from the May 15.
And during my journey I would like to help you if you need (cook for wedding, in your shop, in your daily life...) i would have time. I will travel to  break of my habits, change my way of thinking, explore a part of India I have in my heart, and most of all learn about you and it's like that, I would like to do it. See you all

Namaste from India

Pl let us know what languages you speak so can point you in tje right direction



Hello! Thank you. I speak french fluently and in India I am going to improve seriously my English ! Few words of German too.

hello there this side gautam from new delhi india .how are you doing i would like to know where do you stay in india ? if you want i can show you delhi

just wondering if you are still in India or gone back ?

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