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Hello everyone,

I'm Elle, I'm Algerian and my fiancé is from Singapore.

What I wanted to is whether it's a good move to make a LTVP pre-marriage assessment before applying for a LTVP after we get married.

Also, I have read that the LTVP will not e automatically granted just because your spouse is a S'porean citizen, so what could get the request for  visa rejected ??

Any other info would be helpful and much appreciated because I'm clueless here :'(

Thanks in advance :)

Hi Elle, welcome to the forum!
An LTVP will be given if your husband has the financial means to cover your daily living cost (in addition to his).
For spouses of foreigners working in Singapore, the minimum income for this is set at S$5000/month (you really need that much to survive as a family!). For spouses of Singapore citizens, the threshold is not published, but will be in the same range. To verify your husband's financial status, income, CPF and tax statements of the last three years have to be submitted with your LTVP application.
After living with him for a year on LTVP, you can apply for an LTVP+, which allows you to work and contribute to the family finances.

Thank you for your answer.. so basically, it could be rejected due to insufficient income of my intended spouse..

Yes, that is true.
How much does he earn?

Around 2,5 k

Oh, that is definitely not enough.
If he does not have any other financial resources (e.g. property ownership), it will be very difficult to get a visa (and even if you get it, to survive with so little money - Singapore is very expensive!).

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