How do you invest in Vietnam real estate?

panda7 :

You are better off renting and sleeping peacefully at night...

I wish I could convince my wife of that.  She hates that we are "throwing away" money on rent.

phikachu :

Came across this and reminded me of what you were saying about Portugal being the easiest.

That's the reason all countries have drastically cut down the number of Golden Visa issued to Chinese.  Unless the applicant is willing to invest more than the minimum requirement, it's now harder for Chinese to apply for Golden Visa than citizens of many other country. 

The Chinese woman who had to wait for the investment to return to her before she could shop for a house would have a much more difficult time to apply for the visa now than someone who, for instance, can afford 250K € long term deposit in the bank, 500,000 € in an approved commercial investment, and 300k € home.

I bought property back in my country instead of investing in VN because:

- given the low quality of buildings in VN  it would make me feel uncomfortable to hand my hard-earned cash for a subpar product

-  the laws of property ownership in VN are too unclear

Just remember 2 things: first is the limitation, 50 years for foreigners to own a property in Vietnam, you can renew afterward but the law has just been in practice recently so no one is sure about that. second is verification, just verify all the related paperwork (usually pink book) with the ward committee.

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