Hi Friends,

i have few clarification needed on the eligibility of the  RESIDENCE PASS-TALENT.If anybody can really help on these matter please reply.


1)Has worked in Malaysia for at least 3 years minimum. 
2)Holds a valid Employment Pass at the time of application.
3)Earns a basic monthly salary of RM15,000.
    Yes(starting from April)
4)Has a Malaysian income tax file number and has paid income tax for at least 2 years. 
5)Holds a PhD/Master's/Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in any discipline from a recognised university or a professional/competency certificate from a recognised professional institute. 
6)Possesses at least 5 years of total work experience.

On the Salary part i have few clarification needed.Let's say i got the 15k Salary from April when can i apply for the RP-T?.Can i apply in MAY or have to wait till JUL(3 months)

Hi AK,
I think you can apply immediately if you are fulfilling all the criteria's. But I am not sure based on what they approve or reject the applications.

Let me know if anyone applied for RP-T and got unsuccessful status.What is the next process. Even though I am fulfilling all the criteria's but they didn't approve and also not provided proper reasons of unsuccessful application.

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