Study in the medical faculty of Singapore with phd from Tunisia

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are seriously thinking of moving to singapore next year. The problem is that we have no idea how she can pursuie her medical studies.
Now she has finished the 5 first years in the medical faculty of monastir (tunisia) and she also finished the 2 years of internship and she will have her phd this summer.
What is left for her is to do a specialization to be able to work as a specialized doctor.
Does anyone have an idea how she can do the specialization in singapore with a phd from medical faculty of tunisia ?

Thank you very much

I'm giving you below links where she can persuade her MD or PhD or combine medical courses in Singapore. Hope this helps. Good luck. … programmes … al-school/

Whether her medical degrees are recognised (and thus she can work here or continmue studies) is decided by the Ministry of Health (MoH). I heard trhey are pretty restrictive with recognition of third world credentials.

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