Just arrived, English teaching and a place to stay ?

Hello everyone,.
Happy to be here with all of you !  I have just arrived in Phnom Penh and I will be looking for an English teaching job ( I have a TESOL certificate but no University degree ) and a place to stay. As a roomate for a start would suit me just fine.  I am an older woman, early 60's forever young at heart off course, very flexible and easy to get along with.  So, so, so,. if you have any infos or ''needs''  yourself regarding these 2 inquiries ,. I am looking forward to hear from you !  Thanks ! Louise ( from Canada)

Hi Louise,

Welcome on board  :)

Since you already have an advert in the jobs section, perhaps you could drop one in the Housing in Phnom Penh section as well, you might easily find a flat share or any accommodation that suits your needs.

All the very best,

Hello Louise, ive just joined the forum today, trying to help my dad expending our little housing business. Reading your post makes my heart warm. First of all its because i am also from canada ( montreal to be exact ) ,*** , if your still looking into teaching english, i can definitely help, 2 of my current tenants work for Stamford School, they've been around in cambodia much longer then ive been, they are very nice people ( females teacher also from abroad ) and they definitely know the Schooling department and can come of help.

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Michael from montreal  :)

Hi Louise !
Welcome !

Good luck with finding a teaching job, I have just started to apply too.
If you come to Siem Reap, let me know, I'm here for now.


So how is it going in PP Louise? Reason I am asking is your background is identical to mine - Canadian, early 60's, TESOL but no university degree. Only difference I am not there yet and starting to get cold feet as I am working through all the logistics of getting there from here. I can't even decide if I should buy a one way or return ticket at the moment lol. But if you are succeeding that would certainly encourage me.

If i manage to help louise settle down with a english teaching job, ill be more then pleased to help you too kushiedi, currently working on it since there alot of school is hiring around my vicinity ^^


Thank you for your kindness.

I saw in your reply to someone else that in your vicinity you say there are many schools looking for Engish teachers?  I am currently working for the hope international school near Takeo provinice and I want to move to P.P as I am finding it just a little to remote here, could you possibly tell me where you vicinity is ? I teach English and business enterprise. ..

Kind regards

William Scott-Ryan
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Will do a full reply in a couple hrs, caught up stm scott.

Hi Scott

You should physicly show up to school with a nice suit and tie for the july semester, they are trying out for a long term contract here are some school that i know are hiring ( most of them are still good to leave a resume with a presentation letter to the rest ).School of jungle, ELT, ALIS, AIS, MILKY WAY, WESTLINE, BELTEI, WESTERN, LOGOS, FOOTPRINTS, ZAMAN, HOME OF ENGLISH, and many more i have forgot the names. All those school are situated 2km perimeter from my place ive helped a fellow teacher send 26 cv in 2 days just driving him around ( cant remember all the school names ).
btw if you have a master degree you can apply for uni/collegial level for higher pay grade. As i know, ALIS is the highest paying one atm with a 40 year old limit ( but some are older an teaches there )

good luck to you

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