Issue with dependant visa


I found this forum helpful, and if anyone has the experience, and  would be of great help to my queries.

The dependent visa of my wife was just cancelled, and I understand that she has a one month legal stay here in Bahrain. She started working and ready for the her working visa to be stamped on her passport. The problem is, her passport will take 45 days from now for renewal (for some unexpected reasons of passport expiration) and that means will exceed the one month grace period of her stay.

I would like to ask if there is a way that she can legally stay after one month until the release of her passport from renewal processes?



You need to seek guidance from LMRA, i am not aware what will be the consequences of over staying for this reason, usually if you overstay after visa cancellation (after grace period) you will be fined at airport during exit.


Thanks a lot.

Just return her to help some related issues with mine.

My employer granted my wife an extension of the grace period. and it was extended up to 3 months.

Hi Jeremiah, thanks for the feedback. Very much appreciated!

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