Pakistani TV Channels in PJ / KL - Malaysia

Hay All ,

what would be the best source Pakistani TV Channels in PJ / KL. recently relocated to PJ and now looking for some guidance on setting up the channels part for family.

help would be greatly appreciated .

Adeel Khan

You can use set top box like Jadoo Tv or Shawa. for further details you can visit their websites.


Have you been able to chose any? If so, your help would be great of me and others.

Thank you in advance.

may I know do u have internet at home? if so, I will recommended a TV box to access your country TV channels.



yes i do have

Zindegi Gulzar Hai

You can subscribe Astro Channel or Unifi TV Channel (TM). You can select channel ZEE TV in an application form. ZEE TV contain Hindi/Urdu/Tamil movie which is Indian/Pakistani entertainment channel

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