"S pass rejection, frustrated"


Im Indonesian chinese fresh graduate from Malaysia with engineering degree who were offered a job as QA/QC Technician in manufacturing industry in Singapore with salary of $2.2k. My employer applied for me an "SPass" , but got rejected after 7 days with the reason of:

" The candidate is not eligible to apply for a work permit. Please find another candidate".

Im so frustrated and sad with such outcome.
Can any expert or experienced person enlighten me on any possible reason?

Thank you, much appreciate it.

The wording "candidate not eligible to apply for work pass" indicates that the reason is you, not the job or your employer.
My opinion on what the most likely causes are:
1. Wrong pass applied for - university degree holders should normally get an EP.
2. Too low salary compared to market norms - fresh graduates usually earn around S$3600/month.
3. Lack of work experience - it is difficult to get a pass with less than three years experience.

Thanks for the promp reply beppi, really appreciate it,

When I got such reply and before u replied, I thought I will never have any opportunity to be granted a work pass in Singapore.

and Yes, my HR did say I am overqualified for the position as it normally filled by diploma graduate.

But then again,
Is it even possible for a "FOREIGN" fresh grad with less than 1 yr exp to have salary as high as S$3600/mnth?

Raze99 wrote:

Is it even possible for a "FOREIGN" fresh grad with less than 1 yr exp to have salary as high as S$3600/mnth?

As a rule, MoM will not give anybody a work pass who is paid below what is normal for the job in Singapore - they (understandably) don't want "dumping-price" foreigners to distort the market rates for locals. The rule is same pay for same job, regardless if foreigner or local.
And also, they will only admit foreigners who bring rare skills or fill acute shortages (so they don't take jobs from locals, which is again understandable). Therefore it is very difficult for a fresh grad (who usually doesn't have any special skills that Singaporeans lack) to get a work pass.

Thank you so much beppi for the reply,

will take your advice and invaluable information for my future reference in job search in Singapore.

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