Working as an Executive Assistant in India, is it possible?


I am an Executive Assistant with 20 years experience working for different companies and presently working for the Government of Canada. Besides English, I speak French and Spanish.

I am exploring the idea to work in India for a while but I am not sure if I would be able to find any job and where would be the ideal location to achieve such a desire.

Any thoughts? Advises? Experiences to share?

Thanks in advance!  :)

thanks for accepting my contact request .
Your post says you are looking for a job of executive assistant .  There are many software companies ,startups ,multinationals that are based in Bangalore .
they might be interested in expat assistant to the executive managers

Another option is working with NGO .You might not earn much but your stay in India could be financed well !

The jobsites where you can get more information about similar jobs are
monster india
indeed .india

best luck

(Dr Subodh Prabhu)

Thanks so much for your help!

I will definitely look a these websites. Many have told me that there are no opportunities for me in your country which I believe not to be true but then again I am not there to confirm.

I'll keep searching and taking information :)

I have an Executive Assistant position available with me.  Right now, I am on my way to USA (home) and will be back by May 28th.  In the meanwhile, you can write to me if you need ant info to my office email , xxx

Dr. Majeed

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Thank you,

Please send me a private email here with your contact information.

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