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Has anyone found a reputable place for contact lenses, I'm after good quality lenses. I want to get the lenses that don't have to be removed each day.

Just purchased online at 1800lens. Went to the American clinic in HCM, paid one million for the eye exam and script. Went online and purchased two pair of RPG's for 300.00 US including shipping. The clinic wanted 400.00 US for one pair. They were delivered in 3 weeks. There are other online stores. There of course is a risk if they do not fit correctly of wrong script. They can be returned for reimbursement.

Good luck

I got glasses and disposable contacts at Eyewear Plaza about 18 months ago. Very modern, high end place, doctor spoke excellent English, I think trained in the US. I went there because recommended by Jaitch  on an old thread.

Of course last year I got prescription Ray Bans (real or fake? seem ok to me) at a random place in D5. Only $100.

Thanks Kooler and Gobot for the replies.

I find BC contact lenses, as a reliable seller for contact lenses.
also i find their blog quite helpful, since it addresses about choosing the right contact lenses and the types of contact lenses, i have been using their products for sometime now.
hope the information in that website would be helpful to you guys.

Is this an online site or they have a physical shop in Saigon.

they have an online shop at

Thanks, but Im looking for a place to physically visit.

gobot :

Of course last year I got prescription Ray Bans (real or fake? seem ok to me) at a random place in D5. Only $100.

This is purely anecdotal but your comment reminded me of a funny experience I had in VN regarding Ray-bans.  I needed sunglasses while on a 2 week trip several years before moving to VN to live, so my friend's nephew took me to a little no-name shop in Thu Duc.  I picked out a pair and only after I got back to the US did I notice that they had the Ray-Ban logo engraved in the corner of the lens.  I took them to an optician and asked him to check.  He looked at them with a scope and said the optical quality was excellent.  He then took them apart and pointed out an engraved serial number on the side of the lens.  He said that he doubted any counterfeiter would have bothered to go that far.  In hindsight, I think what I bought was a pair that had been sold them to this little shop when they needed some cash.  I don't remember the price but I am sure that it was insignificant.  Unfortunately the temples were a little too short for me so I stopped wearing them.  You never know what you will come across in Vietnam.   :cool:


You never know what you will come across in Vietnam.   :cool:

The emoji is appropriate  :top:

Yeah don't remind me about the authentic North Face jacket from Siam Square, that rained more on the inside from trapped perspiration because it was NOT breathable Goretex despite the official looking tag. Doh, newbie expat.

Yeah, There are a number of sites available online selling sunglasses in bulk. As my mother had done with cataract surgery, so she was advised to wear wholesale reading glasses for a whole day in order to avoid dust. So searching on the web came across numerous websites selling bulk quantity of sunglasses.

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