How to make friends in Nagoya

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals or expatriates) when you're living in Nagoya :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Nagoya??

Thanks in advance for your participation

usually through sites like this. people here in nagoya are too busy to even give a smile to a stranger even more to a foreigner:(. its a bummer but thats just how it is.

For anyone who wants to make friends in Nagoya, Here are some ways.
To meet Foreigners /English Speakers
1.Go to Nagoya International Center and they have many activities/events for foreigners and japanese people. They also provide free counseling with native english speakers.
2.Visit the 2 bookstores that I know of in Nagoya that sells English Language Books
A.Maruzen in Sakae 3rd Floor-This is where the english books are and there are always some english speakers there that you can meet.
B.JR Takashimaya in Nagoya Station-11th floor, There is a small english books section here, there are also people here that you could meet
3. Go to many of the Bars/Pubs in Nagoya-Look up a place called Shooters, its a bar thats always has something going on.

To meet japanese people there are many ways, if you go to the bars or restaurants in Nagoya, many of the japanese servers are college students and some have good english skills, and if you engage them in a casual conversation, they will be happy to talk with you. Of course speaking japanese helps but in any way you communicate with them,its good.
Go to the Izakayas-drinking bars-In those places, just about everyone there is in a social and friendly mood. Nagoya, is a crowded place so there should be many opportunities to meet people.

Also sometimes, if you're lost or looking for a place and if you ask a japanese person for help, thats a good way to meet people.
A lot of times, it may be best for you the foreigner to initiate conversation. I say that because there are people may be interested to speak with a foreigner but that person may be shy/embarrassed about their english skills and may not have the confidence to initiate a conversation. In the 2 years that I've been here , I have experienced 2 types, there were some people who initiated conversation with me no matter where I was and there were some people that I had to initiate conversation with.

Some people are not the smiling type. They do smile sometimes after they get to know someone and depending on what environment there in. If one can get past those things and have a good attitude and are noble with people here, then that person will be able to make friends. I will say that at first, it can appear that people are cold in Aichi and Nagoya, but there is a lot more good than bad with the people here.

Have Fun

I love my hometown Nagoya.

I have been living in Nagoya for almost 3 years after I married to a Japanese. It is hard to make friends with Japanese. Most of them are friendly when you initiate communication with them, but they will not keep in touch with you after that. I have few foreign friends here whom I met them in YWCA when i studied Japanese language there. I would be happy if anyone is interested to be my friend.

Hi, Suzye, I am a Malaysian who married a Japanese and live in Nagoya since 3 years ago. I have a son who is 11 months old. We can be friends. My contact is hsing_yee[at] Wait for your reply

By nationality I am Pakistani doing business in Kenya from seventeen years now  I am in Japan from two years Doing trading of cars to Africa because I can't speak Japanese laguage I feel so lonely I am a friends in Japan who can speak English

Any time you are comfortable please let me know we see each other thanks

I just got here 2 hours ago. And I am looking for new friends!

@abdul rauf. Am from Kenya but now in Japan for 3 years. Can you contact me ? My line ID is odoliensis

I'm originally from Los Angeles, California and I've lived in Tokyo for 3 years and just moved to Nagoya with my Japanese husband, as it's his hometown. I've been cut off from all my friends and don't know how to make friends here. It's very lonely, as I had many friends from studying abroad and living in a share house in Tokyo

Hi! im joash im new here in Japan and im looking for A new friends and some community or events for filipino or International around Nagoya. ill hope that probably you can help me Thank you! :)

Hey, I'm Matt. I'm from London and can't speak Japanese yet. I have just moved to Nagoya and could definitely do with getting to know some people and hopefully make a few friends around the city. Please get in touch if you would like to get a drink or something.

Hi! I'm looking for new friends, too.  I just moved to Japan this August.

Hi..tell me about you

@ naveengems > To whom are you talking to please? :) Are you looking for friends as well?



Hiii... I'm ivan from indonesia. i jst moved into nagoya 2 days ago. Would like to meet new people n make more friends... Thx...

Hi..i would like to make new friends here

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Just arrived in Nagoya around 3 weeks ago for working. I am an Indonesian...
Do you know where i can find an Indonesiam community here? Thanks a lot

I moved to Nagoya a few weeks ago and am becoming a bit desperate to make some good friends! I want to learn Japanese, but I don't have a good grasp of the language yet, so it's difficult to make friends! If anyone wants to hang out, please let me know!

Hello everyone! I'm new to Nagoya after living in LA, Seattle and London. I'm really liking it here but it's not easy to meet English speakers.

I've created an event which I posted on the site for Nagoya locals: … iends.html

It's just a coffee meet up scheduled for this Thursday. If anyone is interested please RSVP. :)

Hope to meet you all soon!


Hello Malaysia Lady, myself I am half french/half American from Hawaii, and my girlfriend  is fr Thailand. We are coming for a 5 day visit to Nagoya starting early morning 12th November. I would be very happy to make your acquaintance while there and hopefully  become your friend to keep contact afterwards.
You can text on my cell phone if you want: xxx
Sending you warm vibrations from south of France👋

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The locals are almost mission impossible unless you work very closely with them and they have a good english (almost nobody speaks english)... and/or got yourself a japanese couple/relatives... for other "normal people" try "The Hub", "Oxxo", "my bar", and others... good luck! You'll see yourself most likely hanging out with gaijins... it's a terribly "exclusive" (as in "not inclusive") society, even worst that Switzerland!! Just think that 99% of Japan is japanese... look up the miss Japan who was a black girl (mixed race)... 2015 or 2016

I will be in Nagoya alone for a month from 24.06.17 to 25.08.17.
If someone around the age of 18-30 is in the Same situation and wants to do something together, message me.
My e-mail is **
Travelling together is always more fun ^^

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Hi, everyone.
I'm a local guy born and raised in Nagoya, not Expat.
I'd like to share my thoughts about the way to find a friend in Nagoya, and what makes becoming friend with Japanese difficult.

First of all, my suggestions to become a friend with Japanese are below.
1. Using online language exchange service like "MyLaguageExchange".
Actually many people looking for their language exchange partner on there.
Many of them want to become not only language exchange partner but also friend.
2. Go to a place where Japanese people go to make a foreign friend.
"Shooters","HUB","OXO", are famous places for us.
Although people who don't have enough confidence about his/her English ability and sociability don't go there.

I have several opinions about what makes becoming friend with Japanese is difficult.
1. We're shy and don't have much confidence about our language ability.
Actually many Japanese young people go to abroad to study English in several month.
Even for them, we feel difficulty to talk by English, so being patient and telling them that you can understand their words are the key, I think.
2. Some Japanese are looking for just language exchange partner or romantic partner.
Becoming friend with them is little difficult, I suggest you to find a person who have several common things with you such as job, hobby, age, location and so on.
Once you'll be friend with them, you will be able to expand your circle quickly.

Key notes you should know are following.
1. We're not as much sociable as American, we basically don't meet new people in person.
2. Telling you're patient and not being annoyed by poor expression are important.
3. Many Japanese interested in foreign language and culture, we want to be friend but feeling difficulty due to low self esteem of language skills.

Finally, let me to introduce myself.
I'm 26 years old guy who is enthusiast of outdoor hobby like snowboarding, hiking, camping.
I just want to make a foreign friend and have a fun together, so please contact me if you're interested in.
I wish this post will be help for you, have a nice stay !

Hey everyone!
I am been living in Japan with my wife for almost a year now. But unfortunately still have no friends here.

I am an engineer, Russian, 26 years old. Enjoying outdoor activities, soccer, snowboard, exchanging languages. Looking for English and Japanese speaking friend in Nagoya.

Have a great day!

Helloooo everybody!!!!!


I came to Toyota city close to Nagoya for one of the training program  " Production managment ".

I want to know about Nagoya and want to to know much about Japan.

I hope you will reply and can help me.


I think we can be friends!! I came from the Dominican Republic and i have been living here for two years and half, for real i dont have too many friends!!

My number for Whatsapp and Line is ***. I think we can make a group in Facebook for people like us who want to make friends!!

If someone is interested, just write me!

Best regards!

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Hey there everyone,Konichiwa !! ^_^

     I'm Claudiu but everyone calls me Claude.
     I'm from Romania, 23 years old, been liveing in London the past 4 years and just moved to Nagoya 4 months ago with my wife. To be honest i've been busy traveling Japan, enjoying the beauty and culture of this country since this was my childhood dream and what i can say is that Japan is THE BEST; until i realised that i didn't made any friends yet.. :))
    At the moment I just started learning japanese by myself, looking for friends and a job and decided to approach the online way as i noticed that people are a bit shy those days having a direct conversation hahaha.

    I hope this forum is still active ^^ so if you still there lets be friends \o/ 
You can add and feel free to text me on Facebook : **

                                                     Have a very nice day!!

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Hello, I'm japanese and my husband is french.
As I lived in france for 6years so I speak french too.
I'm looking for language exchange partners(french and english ), and if we can be a good friend, it will be great !!
Please feel free to Email me, i'm waiting to meet new people !

Hi are you living in Nagoya? please contact me! we can be very good friends!

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