Nigerians Living in Mauritius.


My name is Wiz and im a Nigerian studying in Malaysia at the moment but i'm considering relocating to Mauritius.

Are there any Nigerians living in Mauritius, any Nigerian restaurant or bar? I'm planing to visit Mauritius for 2 weeks and i'd love to know where i can easily link up with my fellow Nigerians.

I'd really appreciate some responses.


Hi wizardofwest,

Please have a look at the following link where you might eventually find Nigerians who might still be living in Mauritius.

- nigerians in Mauritius

All the best.


Sarvesh team

When are planning to visit Mauritius?

Thanks for the replies, really appreciate it. i'm looking forward to visit Mauritius before or by the end of this year. I might just come for a 2 weeks visit and return back to Malaysia, if i like it there i will come back again and be ready to live there. What im scared about is the floods, i heard there is always a lot of floods when it rains on the island. i also watch some videos on the floods on Youtube as well. It was really scary!

The floods are a new phenomenon... probably led by the carelessness of some of our decision makers. What happened in Port Louis couple years back was very unfortunate and cause almost 100% by man-made mistake (no canalisation, wild construction, etc.)

Sure it's scary (many people died also)... but Mauritius cannot be said to be prone to floods every time it rains.

Hi there. You could also pay a visit to the African Leadership University.

You will probably find some of your comarades there.

I habe been in Mauritius for almost a year now but i have not experienced any flood! Except fir the cyclone and it dint last long.
But trust me Mauritius is a very cool place to be

What happened in Mauritius in 2013 was flash floods. In such circumstances, difficult to predict the amount of rainfall and whether current the infrastructure will be able to bear the ensuing floods.

But that's a very rare occurrence and Mauritius definitely is not prone to floods. You will often witness accumulation of water in some areas but nowhere to the level of a deluge.

Thanks to you all for taking your time to share your insights, i really appreciate it.  :top:

I tried apply for studies in ALu but it could not work out. So i dont know why. xxx

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Hi kindly let me Knw details . I like to go next month. September, 2018.

Hello,did you get to visit mauritius?

Hello,are you a Nigerian sir?

Suggest best to obtain job with work permit by obtaining employment.

To my best knowledge, arrival as visitor or tourist, can't obtain work permit. One need to check out the country Mauritius and arrive after obtaining work permit.

Check the rules of employment on work permit section of Mauritian immigration.

All the best

Please, is it easy to get Job in Mauritius and how much is the least salary they are paying because am planning to move to Mauritius and work

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Any Nigerian in Mauritius here?

Any Nigerian footballer in Mauritius or you know anyone please holla me abeg i dey come there i need guidelines

Yes WhatsApp *** DM let talk

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Pls I will like to visit Mauritius and see if I can reside there and work pls hope I can get job in Mauritius

Hi All,
I will be moving from Nigeria to Mauritius soon, and I want to cargo.

Anyone knows of any reasonable cargo Company?

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