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We arrived in al khobar on thursday and im looking for a school for my 4 year old for september. I understand is very hard to get accepted to a school here and im worried he will stay out of school for the entire year. Has anyone faced this problem? Do you know any home school groups? Its not about learning stuff i worry about but mostly about socializing with other children his age. Im starting to feel hopeless. 🙁

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There is a good homeschooling group here in Alkhobar. It has a page on FB. … ?ref=br_rs

That's the page I added evimom to

I requested a couple of times with no response.

let me go message the admin for you Mrs Bear

Have you found a school?
Just wanted to say we have just enrolled our 6yo to Doha Academy Al Khobar and have found them to be brilliant.
They are a brand new school and follow the British Curriculum but also use the Montessori Approach for the little ones which is brilliant.
I think this school given my initial interactions with them have a very good future and will be a very good school.
Give them a ring.

Can I ask why you didn't go with the other two schools? BISAK or DGBS? X

My eldest and youngest are there. If I had the option of taking the out I would. I've had nothing but headaches with their administration.

Is this with BISAK? I feel the lack of communication from them is poor and they never reply to my emails.

Yep. With them.
It's been one thing after another. They have made it very stressful.
I'm glad I've found another Aschool for at least one of the girls.

I am looking for a preschool for my son and have yet to decide if doha academy is the right choice. His first language is english and they have told me that 30% of their curriculum is arabic. Have u found this to be difficult so far with ur daughter ? My som neither speaks nor understands arabic. Also, how r the teachers and do they mostly have arabic speaking students?

Hi there, not at all. She’s come home very happy every single day and she has mentioned they do have Arabic but it’s only for a little bit. Her room teacher does everything else, and then she goes to the Arabic teacher and learn a few things.
So far, the school is being fine with things.

Out of the 7 children in her room she said there are only two children who speak Arabic. None of us speak or read Arabic at all but it’s not been a problem.

Thanks for ur reply. How r their teachers?

Igor to chat with the nursery teacher mrs walker and she is lovely. Very welcoming and kind.
I’ve not had a chance to see my daughters but daughter said she’s kind and fun! I believe her teacher is from canada? I’m sure that’s what T said.
I would suggest you give them a ring.
Nour and Samar are in the admin office and both are lovely too.

Hi there,
why didn't you consider the  IPS? actually I have a 3 year old and I'm looking for a good pre-school. he's on Bisak's waiting list and it seems it's gonna take forever to be accepted.

I didn’t oringinally as IPS is an American Curriculum, but we did put DD1 into the waiting list for DBGS.
She has been accepted there now and will hopefully start school there ASAP.
In hindsight, we should have considered other schools to be fair, but we didn’t due to us having four children and so school fees for all four at DBGS would have been quite large.
As it is now, I’m hoping in the future we can transfer all our girls (3) into either DBGS or Doha depending which will be better for the children and keep our son where he is now as moving him will crear further emotional upheaval for him.
He wasn’t very happy and did struggle for a long tome to settle here, moving him will mean starting the settlement process again and having to make new friends.
Do consider IPS if you can though.
DEMS is the primary (American elementary) and they also have kindergarten (nursery) I’m sure of it.
Also, I know the nursery at Palms Springs (Abdullah Fuad) compound js a good one and although right now I believe it’s at capacity, you could put him on the waiting list there as well.
Good luck.

have you ever heard of kids and co. or kids village? it's located in eurovillage beside the IPS.  I'm looking for reviews regarding this nursery. so please help me if you know anything about it because there is nothing online.
thank you

Hello I am moving to khober in this summer,  wanted to know hows yoir experience so far with doha academy?
My son is 5 years old
Daughter is 4 years old

Hi Yusra,
Doha is in its first year of opening and of course it will have its teething problems.
So far they are doing as best as they can and I have no major complaints.
The staff and admin are very attentive and the children are very well looked after.
Once they have more children in their classes it will become even more settled and will take off, I’m sure of it.
Do consider them, they will open all primary years for the coming academic year

Thankyou for your quick response, I am really stressed. how long is the waitlist in dharan academy if u have any experience with them?
I will prefer dharan academy but everybody is telling me about long wait time etc etc. But doha acdemy seems better than new world school. Whats your opinion?
As i am still in canada and my husband will be in khober in the month of June.

I have a friend who is looking at moving her children from new world to Doha, so that answers your question.
And as for the waiting list, yep. Pretty long, and DEMS and DBGS have already taken applications for next year, and currently doing assessments; unsure if you contact them if they will add you to the waiting list now.
Nothing lost in messaging them and see if you can get their applications in before you get here

Thanks alot 😊

Hi, I am seeking suggestion for my 4 year old son to be enrolled in Alhussan International School khobar, any body experienced before for this institution?

How is Alhussan International School in Khobar??

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