admin fees

can anyone here kindly explains what an Admin Fee is? just curious about it, my agency didnt quite clearly explain why we should pay 1300 SGD for the admin fee aside from paying exactly the same as a placement fee for thelocal agency here in the PH.

When it's matter of involvement of an agency then they charge many such fees to loot an aspirants who are seeking jobs abroad desperately. Many cases, they informed the candidate in advance about such fees which is pretty negotiable.

They charge under many unique names as admin fees, processing fees, verification fees, agency fees, placement fees etc.

But if you go by definition then placement fee is to place you with an employer, where as admin fee is similar to processing fee or agency fee where they charge for their work.

Please note that, according to Singapore law, all visa ad admin fees for the processing of your application must be paid by the employer - it is not allowed to charge the job seeker.
However, many agents (especially dishonest ones and those in other countries) do try to charge for dubious (and often not very useful) services.

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