expired IPA letter

Hello everyone, I'm a Filipina planning to work in SG, i applied in an agency here in the PH to work as a nurse in SG. I already got the job, passed the Board exam for nurses and did everything needed to complete the requirements for Singapore Nursing Board.
I was notified by the local agency here that my S Pass is already been approved since January 18th, I was called to present myself in the office and they gave me the printed copy of my IPA, stated in here is that my employer must ask for my S Pass to be issued by 19 March 2017. otherwise, they will withdraw my approval. it's been almost a month passed the validity in the letter and until now i didn't hear any updates from my local agency since then. I also contacted the tied up agency in SG but they didn't respond to my email as well.
is it better to contact my employer already thru email?
and in the case of the expired IPA, what should I do about it? the agency here said that if ever my visa expires they'll take care of it and reapply for another one, but i'm having doubts about it, and i can't even apply for another job since they have been keeping my documents and passport.

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