i would like to do a job in singapore

i would like to do a job in singapore .. at the moment im live in sri lanka. so i need to start a new career in away from my home country,so i picked singapore. and im really greatful if someone can take me to their or guide me to have a job in singapore.. i have already applied through the agencies in my country,but still no result.. this would be really helpful if someone can .. please

Nuwandias: I am afraid nobody will take you to Singapore or guide you to a job there. It is only you who can help yourself.
This forum already has many discussions about finding jobs in Singapore and a lot of good advice was given. If you read and follow them, you can at least maximize your chances.
And since you mentioned agents: Those are of limited use for Singapore (but at least free of charge - if they keep within the law). It is better to contact potential employers directly!

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