I will be visiting Luxembourg for three months, May, June and July this year. I am a student in India. I am coming here for an internship in the University of Luxembourg. Can anyone guide me so that I could get a cheap accomodation here for three months.

Hi there! I'm probably doing an internship there too, beginning november, but i've also been looking around for accomodation already. I found this website: It's a start, but not suuuuper helpful. Maybe there are some Luxembourgers who can help us out ;-) Greets!

Thank you for your reply. During what period will you be staying there?

Between november and april. Won't be able to meet you unfortunately. I'll let you know if i find any helpful links and info for accomodation! Greets

I also have a plan of visiting other coutries around Luxembourg and mostly will go to Netherlands also. I will inform you about my visit if I make a plan :)

Hi Guys

I moved to Luxembourg with my girlfriend in September 2010 so we've been here for a while now.

We used to find an apartment. There is usually loads going on there, but if you are only looking for a 3 month stop it might not be of use. The only other thing I can think of would be to look on as they sometimes have flat shares.

Hope all goes well

Thanks Blakee1 :)
I will surely be i touch with you :)

@mayanksinha, sure, stay in touch :-). @Blakee1 Thanks for the info, checking it out!

I will be in a Luxembourg from 6th to 24th June(short intership) and I am also looking for a good cheap accomodation. It will be great to meet new people. I am trying to search short therm accomodation but it is quite difficult to find something for just 3weeks.

Hi and welcome on board cingom :)

You should check out the accommodation section of Luxembourg classifieds and eventually post an advert there ;)


Hi everyone,

you could try some of these websites:

For shorter stays you could have a look at some hostels/hotels: