S Pass rejected, now still in Appeal process...

Hi all, just call me reve and I'm from Indonesia.

I was graduated in Singapore with Bachelor degree that collaborate with well-known UK university.
Then, I worked in Indonesia for 6 months with an IT job. I quit and got interview in Singapore then accepted for S pass after that I came back to Indonesia to wait for the S-Pass. I said my salary should be around 2200-2500 SGD but they dont give me any info about agreed salary because they already applying s-pass for me.

I have friends that worked in Singapore and accepted for s-pass, they got their s-pass application form and offer letter and signed it but I didnt get that form and that letter also. As I recall, i just filled the application form to work in that company so that put me in strange situation.

Currently, the first try was rejected and now still in an appeal process (3 weeks passed). I was asking is there any rejected reason? they dont reply my email about it. Then, I asked again is there any FIN number for me? they said I dont have FIN number.

Am I wrong to think that if they dont have FIN number for me after they applied the S-Pass means that they didnt apply S-pass for me??

Any thoughts would be helpful, thanks!

They cannot apply for your S-Pass without showing an employemnt contract (signed by you).
Also, a FIN is issued about a week after application and the employer is informed about this.
It looks like they did not apply.


I remember I signed application form for the applied job but I forgot is that employment contract or not.

I forgot to give this info, they said if the s-pass approved, the offer letter will be send to me.

So it means they lied that they didnt apply for the s-pass without fin number??

Or maybe they dont want to give the fin number so that I cannot see any confidential information about the company??

You can contact MoM and ask about your FIN number.

They cannot apply for any work pass for you without you agreeing to the employment details (most important being salary, which they have to declare in the application). If they want to send you the offer letter AFTER work visa application, they are certainly not truthful!
(Did they, by any chance, ask you to pay for all this? Then they are definitely scammers, as charging the job seeker is illegal in Singapore!)

I recommend you look for another employer.

No, I didnt pay any cash for the application.

This company is a startup but why they accepted me if they dont want to apply work visa for me? Its better they reject me that day instead getting false hope.

Is it better to ask the employer directly why I dont have FIN number and why I didnt get any info about the agreed salary??

Is there any case like this but in the end, the applicant really got the s-pass from any company?

If they are a startup, they might not have any experience with these things and don't know how to do the formalities. Welcome to the world of startups!

Hello. I am having the same problem.. i came from the Philippines and just last year I applied as an enrolled nurse bound to SG. I'm already hired, everything is settled except for the plane ticket..as stated my IPA, my Spass is already been approved since january 18 and that i should complete all the steps on obtaining my card prior to march 19th or they will withdraw my application. I kept on making follow up with the agency here in the PH regarding my Visa as i dont have any direct contact with the employer but they also dont have any news for my deployment yet.. my concern is, if ever my employer reapply for my visa, how many months would be the validity?

So do I understand this correctly:
Your S-Pass was approved, you got an IPA (valid for two months), but you did not use it to enter Singapore, get the S-Pass issued and start work?
Why??? What more did you want?
This is negative in MoM's eyes and will impact your future applications.
Also, since you probably absconded in the eyes of your employer, they will probably not want to employ you any more.
(Since you mentioned an agent involved: Next time do not use one - they usually make things more complicated and - in the best case - do not add anything. At least they come at no cost to the job seeker, if they keep within Singapore law.)


So do you mean the appeal gonna be failed since they are startup and do not know how to do it in correct order? They have been established since 2006.

I didnt say anything about absconding my employer, it's just i was advised by the agency here in the Philippines to wait for the Go Signal of my employer about my employment. I'm just worried about the what they said is true regarding the rules of reapplying for my visa, they said they'll take care of everything and that i just need to wait..and anyway i'm still here in the Ph because they'll be the one who will shoulder the my plane ticket.

The "Go" signal is the IPA!
Since you let the IPA expire unused, you'd need a new application - and possibly a new job.
You should ditch the agent, because they advised you wrongly. Apply at potential employers directly and communicate without an intermediary - then things will be clearer.

Wareve: As per MoM, your employer can appeal on S pass rejection within 3 months of rejection but your employer can expect a positive response if they have addressed the reason of your pass rejection.

There is tool where you can get evaluated yourself and address the possible reason of your pass rejection. Below link from MoM can help you:

http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permit … pplication

Yes, start up companies always find difficult to get visa for foreigners as local govt encourages startup firms should hire local talents. And, you can check in MoM website if they recognise that UK university or not.

Good luck

bubblytoes: looking at your case, feel sorry that you were wrongly informed by the agency. As IPA letter must have stated very clearly on its validity, so you should have act within its validity period. MoM got an impression that either employer no longer wants you to join in their company or you are not interested to take this job. Anyway, leave that wrong thing aside, the only option left over is ask your employer to request MoM to allow one more month (if the window period is still available in your case) to extend the validity of your IPA so that you can come to Singapore and work.

Below link from MoM will help you in this regard:

http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permit … e-approval

Good luck. Onething always remember that on net everything is available so you need to explore things on visa or work pass related rather completely believe on what your employer or agency saying you.

Thank you for that nice response @surya2k, u see it's really frustrating to wait for a really long time.
I just hope that my employer is legit.

Or ask your employer to apply fresh pass if MoM didn't allow to extent 1 month due to window period is over to appeal. And infrom the MoM due to family issues or person issues which it didn't allow you to travel Singapore during the validity period, which you have regretted and appologized to the MoM as well as the employer and requesting MoM to allow you to give last opportunity as it was unintentional and must not repeat this in future.

Note: Don't infrom that your agency told you wrongly as they won't believe and will give wrong signal to them that the current employer liaising with unauthorised agency who has no experience to deal in such cases. Good luck.

Do you mean by informing MOM is that i should inform them thru email?


They said they did apply the S-Pass application form by themselves but i didn't know how much salary i will get and did they do replicate my sign to that form?

My UK university is recognized in MoM website. I cannot check the application status since they said I don't have FIN number and didn't reply what was the rejection reason.

No, I said inform your employer to request MoM for giving an extended one month validity of IPA and can inform this issue which I had mentioned.

Don't mention that agency said you wrong information as it may leads to wrong information going to MoM. Good luck

wareve: in this case, you can only ask employer to provide you the reason of rejection and tell them that to provide you the reference number or acknowledgement receipt number when they had applied your pass online or offline so that you can check with MoM (don't inform them that you had already checked and no record found in MoM system).

They can't apply spass without notifying the gross salary amount to MoM and it should be more than S$2,200. Or there is a possibility that they may not be allowed to apply working pass to hire a foreigner due to company size & it's a startup company and they are hiding this information to you.

Hope, we can hear positive news from you.

wareve,its very easy if u want to know that wheather ur pass is in process or nt.
u hve any frnd in sg who hold any s pass or e pass.?
if u hve then give ur  passport no. and ur name to him and ask him to check with his fin no.so he can check through his fin no.

@surya2k, thanks for the explanation. Hope it will be approved.

@walia, yes i do have friends that have s pass. Okay, i will try that. Thx

Hi guys, I can check my S Pass status using my passport number and my name only.
The status is rejected and the date of application is one month ago, but how can I know if they appeal or not from that page? Because that date of application was the first apply for the S Pass.

The online system doesn't seem to show appeals, so your only option is calling MoM to ask.

Hi All..

I just abit confused about what i found in MOM website,

I got job offer in SG , the company will pay me around 2500SGD which consider as S pass criteria.
i had master degree, graduated in 2016, and my age 24 years old, (i did fast track study after finished my bachelor).
I had 4years half experience related my occupation (the experience included part time job while i was studying bachelor and my current job) . My university is recognized in MOM as stated in Self Assesment tools (SAT).

The employer was giving me the s pass status ( not official status from MOM website, it's like email notification) and showed that my " Pass type is S PASS" and status is pending inputs from vetting agencies.
Date of application :09 may 2017.

But i found differently after i checking through MOM website:
The pass type wasn't S PASS but EMPLOYMENT PASS.
and status is pending inputs from vetting agencies.

So, this things make me a bit confused, anyone could tell me what's going on?
Should i ask this to my employer?
if they apply me for EP, the minimum salary must SGD 3,6k.
I assume that maybe the employer tick and choosing Employment Pass and S Pass" in PASS CONSIDERATION section of Employment / s pass application form.

Hope to hearing from you guys..
Thank you

They probably indicated to consider EP and S-Pass - with a Master degree and several years experience, an EP is also the correct pass for you.
The minimum salary also depends on your education and experience, not on the pass.

Hi beppi and surya..

Many thanks for your advice..

hello im a newbie here! just want to share my experience, i got refused entry last year aug2016 and able to secure a clearance from ica and i successfully reenter to singapore last april. i passed the singapore nursing board exam already and my employer is going to work on my spass... iam worried due to my refused entry will affect my spass application? thank you for your input.

Please check existing threads in this expat forum where we had discussed several times on this topic. Secondly, do give complete information so that forum members can give their input like what was the reason ICA had refused you to enter Singapore last year?

Looking at recent development where ICA allowed you to enter Singapore and now you were cleared the exam, would be considered as a positive sign in your case. For approval of S pass at MoM depends on various factors and requirements. Hope last year case should not have much impact to the final outcome of your application. Good luck.

thank you for your response. i was refused entry last year because may booked ticket was 29 days. so they sent me back to manila... and on last week of october 2016 i got an email that someone wiling to hire me as a staff nurse and we done everything thru emails including skype interview... my ica appeal was approved october last year also before i got the job... and this april i successfully re enter with my oca clearance and i took the exam there in singapore and i passed the exam,... and now my employer will work on my spass but i informed them already regarding my situation and i sent them also the copy of my clearance from ica... im hoping for a positive result because i really need this job... thank you surya for your reply =)

Hello Dollycandy,
The same thing happened to me 2 months ago.
You mentioned that you did and appeal to ICA and re-entered Singapore already?
May I know how did you appeal? And how do you know that you can enter Singapore already.
As for me, I email ICA but their respond, I need an invitation letter from SPR or Singaporean aged 21 above and must be approved by them prior to my next visit. And they gave me forms for the application of visit visa.
Is that what you did?
Thanks in advance dolly! My whatsapp xxx. I would appreciate any help or advice to this matter.

Regards everyone,

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hi. yeah my husband was the one who settled for my appeal letter since he has a PR friend in singapore, we filled up form 14a and then form 361 is for the sponsor and together with these forms is the appeal letter. after you fill up all the forms can send it personally to ICA building, dont know the exact location since my husband was the one who brought it there, if im not mistaken we got the approval for 3 weeks.  we sent the appeal on oct9 and we got the clearance on oct 22. i re enter sg on april 24 just present the clearance letter to the IO and they will allow you to enter singapore. goodluck! my s pass application still pending it was applied on may29... hope for the positive result

hi ph2sg sorry its  form 391 not 361 hehehhe! =)

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