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Hello all,
I am planning to move to Medina in August, to take up a Science Teacher job. I just have one uncertainty with my medical part of the visa. My left eye has very poor vision and my right eye is bang on average. I have been told by the visa services here in the UK (experienced ones on Harley street) that there should be no problem with me getting a working visa on this end. I understand that tests are also done in Saudi after arriving, but I belive these do not include an eye test?  Would anyone be able to confirm this? Did the medical in Saudi for the work visa involve an eye test?

it doesn't include the eye test

There is no problem at all...
You can get working visa..
No eye test is done for getting working visa...
But they can tell you to go for eye test,no issues in that also..
If you have any vision problem then you might be wearing spectles rite?
Only for acquiring driving license eye test is must...and you should always drive with glasses coz they wil mention in your driving license (not permitted to drive witout eye glasses '')...
Good luck

Thank you both for the replies. Let me clarify that the vision in my left is close to nothing. The school I am working for has no problem with this as it does not hinder me from doing my job. I have phoned a few visa services here and they have also said not to worry. I guess I would just be reassured if I knew that the medical in saudi didn't include an eye test so that I did not have to worry about it at all.

we both just wrote that it doesn't include an eye test, what other reassurance is needed?

That's  great, thanks!

I've got a similar situation, Alhamdulillah my left eye is pretty weak even after wearing lenses but my right eye is spot on, I already have the Saudi DL back in 2010, at that time they didn't have an eye test so I passed it without any incident  but my renewal date is getting nearer so I am a bit worried about the eye test , I have been driving many years in the kingdom Alhamdulillah without any major incident, should I have some problem getting my license renewed. appreciate your feedback on this gents.

Interested to know outcome here- did you get the visa ok? Also how did you get the medical in England- did the doctor state your vision issues?

My eye is very weak and i can go to saudi arabia

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