Any Info How to start living in Singapore

Hi I am Lia,
i am Indonesia Business Women, i would like to start to living in Singapore but still confuse how i have to start, so please any info would be great


Sorry, are you coming here under a work visa or going to set up your business under entrepreneurial visa? Your information is not clear about your status in Singapore and your plans.

If you want to settle in Singapore, you should read about the available residence visa types and their requirements.
Most foreigners come on a work visa. You need a job for that.
Others come as dependents (e.g. family members) of a resident or citizen.
Studying in Singapore is another option that can get you a visa.
Some foreigners start (or bring) their own business. That route is quite difficult and few qualify.
And then there are a few avenues for the super-rich.
But that's about it. Which category do you fall into?

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