Advice needed please!

Hi Everyone,

I need some advice about what are my rights, I am  a pregnant employee, been in the company for almost 3 years now.  Just last Friday I was verbally informed that I will be fired due to company reorganization. (my job position will be moved abroad. )They will give me official notice this week.  Upon checking my contract it says there that I am entitled  to a company health insurance, all my  colleagues said they have a health card from DKV provided by our company since their first month. I asked our Human resource manager about this and he kept on saying he will keep me posted once he have answers why I was not given this card.
I have so many questions, like:  would I still be eligible for a paid maternity leave considering that end of April will be my last day at work? And my due date would still be in August.   How and when do I apply for an unemployment benefit? 

Can anyone suggest an English speaking syndicate or union that I can be a member and  can speak English so I can explain my situation?

Or where and what would be the best way get correct information in this case?

I would really appreciate your help and Ideas.
Thank you.


Not knowing in which sector of activity you are employed, it is almost impossible to answer your questions. As well as the style of contract you signed.

Now, if after three years in Belgium you still have not realized that English is not part of the Belgian national languages, it is really sad and proves your disinterest in a possible integration into Belgian life.

Advising an English speaking union, there are none. The same is true for employment assistance services such as ACTIRIS.

It's sad to say but like many foreigners, you have created your own ghetto in Belgium ...

Hey, hey why don't you speak Dutch? I don't have to speak English to you, this is Belgium.
Oh, you work for US Co. in Belgium, you are not an immigrant asking for hand outs you actually earning more than me and paying taxes that support me and my Belgian family? So why don't you speak Dutch ? This is Belgium!
Now you know.

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