Moving to mauritius!!!Scared but excited

Hi everyone,

I was born in mauritius but I live in london for the past 12 years. My wife is italian but we both live in london. In all these years, I have been back to mauritius only 3 times and I really enjoyed every minutes of it.I came to london to complete my studies and after 5 years I met my wife and now I am still in london. Now with brexit approaching fast, we want to go somewhere where we can settle and hopefully extend our family.
Well, I have been offered a job in mauritius and I have only few months to make up my mind.My wife is very positive about the move even though she seem scared about not finding a job . However, the issue is me, Even I am a mauritian, 3 years ago when I've been there, I was shocked how mauritius has changed(in a positive way) and I was like a stranger in mauritius. Now moving back there, scared the hell out of me. I am so used to the life I have in london, wake up going to work,friday afternoon going to the pub,saturday meet some friends and pub again and sunday thinking about monday to go to work and complaining and the weather doesn't help.Yes thats most of the people life here.unfortunately!!
However, I don't know if I can adapt to life mauritius. All my friends are european and most of my friends in mauritius are now abroad. I feel excited but scared.Scared of finding me loosing the sense of freedom that we have here in the UK. I know I am judging too quickly but hey that's how I feel.I just can't decide for the moment as I am mixing my emotion about saying goodbye uk and having a much better life style in mauritius.

Don't be scared buddy. Just hop on a plane and come!!!

I totally hear you on this.  My mum was Mauritian and i would go back every December for a month.  I stopped going when i was 30 after my mum died and recently went back 3 years ago..... my god in that short space of time have things changed.... i think changed for the worse, its becoming too over developed, yet still with out some of the key infrastructure needed.  I recently looked back at some old photos.... from early 2000 i must add and wow such a difference!  Alot of my cousins have gone to work abroad and love it, and will only come back to Mauritius now for a holiday.  They know of the hardship that the country was not so long ago and escaped, are earning better money and having a happier and easy life.  I am always tempted to come and live and only this week i have been reaching out to so many people that have made the jump.  The people i should have talked to was my family.  When i did, they said stay where you are, make as much money as you can and come home for holidays.  Living here is different, there is an underlying struggle.  It is a happy island and people are great and its all paradise etc.  What you have to remember that everybody's stories are different, and everyones motives for going are unique.  But please dont let the islands beauty and postcard image in any way sway your decision.  the island is rapidly becoming more European, the attitude also.  I was shocked by alot of culture and tradition changes, for example its quiet normal for very early teen pregnancies... where only 10 years ago this would be highly frowned upon, the attitude of the young has changed and there inst that level of respect and tradition any more.  (this is just an example by the way, there are many more things i could discuss)  i made my decision this week that i would work, build my home in Mauritius and my business here and travel twice a year for a long family holiday.... i dont commit fully i can give or take and just fly back when it all gets frustrating, (which can often be about the 3rd week in with my huge family hahaha).  I love Mauritius and proud of it and it is my heart and a long term goal.  If you are scared, perhaps you shouldn't commit to it fully and go and trial it out instead.  Go on more long holidays.  I got a job for CMT and could have started in December, however i was scared and stepped back.  There are many job opportunities in Mauritius so dont worry if you dont take the job you've been offered, there will be many more occasions, its best that you try and adapt to the culture, otherwise you could be unhappy and settling for the wrong reasons.

Greetings all. I'm a Fijian/Indian from Canada. Been in Vancouver for 40 yrs. looking to retire soon and places to spend 6 mnths or more in retirement. I researched a have learned that Mauritian history and culture in very similar, even the language food etc. My wife is Caucasian Canadian. We are both federal agents with national security Canada.
I'd love to hear from expats and locals alike to ascertain lifestyles, cost of living, availability of accommodation. We would prefer to live in the land cal population as opposed to expat enclaves.
I thank you in advance for your time and input.

My apologies for the typo. It was supposed to read local population as opposed to expat enclaves.

I'm not scared.

Sure I don't like what's happening - but then I'd rather live here than, for example, wake up to the sounds of bombs, or shouts of hatred. Sure, not the best of situations, but no I'm not scared, as long as my kids are living in safety.

Well said Nadeem.

Mauritius is one of the best places in the world if you are looking for personal freedom, security for your family and distance from the political and economic tensions building up everywhere in the world. However, don't expect too much from local social life, friends, pubs, hanging out etc. unless you are willing to be the one who pays the bill - or you retire to an expat enclave like Grand Baie or Black River and restrict you contacts with mauritians to the grocery store, gardener and the teller at the bank.

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