EP Application still pending - Need Info

I've been recruited by Banking firm as permanent employee recently ( with good salary package ) and they liaised with a consultancy to proceed for EP.
We've submitted the application last week Thursday Morning itself and application status is still pending, Could someone tell me how much time now they are taking to approve applications now.
As far I heard, My friends told it will be approved within 3 days ( by their recent experiences ) but for me it is still delaying in turn affecting my joining date on new firm :(

Note: I've been working in Singapore last 2 years and having valid EP till Mar 2018 - Is that reason the new EP application is delaying getting approval ?

Kindly advise or inputs your comments here.

Absolutely not, it won't have any impact if your earlier EP validity was till 2018.

It will be considered separately due to a new employer. I know there were such cases in my existing work place. FYI, the bank is the sponsor of your EP, now a days banks are outsourced the manual work and pass collections to a third party vendor who are submitting the paper works and other necessities. I don't think is there any issues here.

It's quite normal in recent times to get EP approval longer than usual time. So, have patience and good luck.

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