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Am Nimo from Somalia. I want to persuade my higher studies (BCOM) in Bangladesh but am quite unsure of the quality of the education, cost of living and if there is a part time job to support my studies so please help me with reliable  info .

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It really depends on the University you are planning to come to. If is a private university like BRAC or NSU, the quality is internationally recognised. If it is a public university like IBA or Dhaka University, it is also quite good.
As for part time jobs, you can do plenty of online work such as writing assignments for other students which pays...fairly well if you undertake a lot of work. The cost of living can be a bit high in Dhaka, though so you will have to watch out.

Hi Nimo  in Public university likely Dhaka University is one of the Internationally recognised University where you've many faculties and a good number of foreign students are enrolled every year. Tuition fees are very minimum compared to BRAC or NSU. Living cost is around 400$ a month approx.Working opportunities are limited to online business or partime work depending on your  experience.

Hello Mamun.

Thanks for  the info you have given me ,I really appreciate for your wish to help.  By the way when do admissions officially commence in Bangladesh?

Thanks Masum for your reply, basing on the quality of education is Bangladesh better off Africa and what is the official language spoken in Bangladesh?

Looking forward for positive response InshaAllah.


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