Considering moving to Bristol

Hello there, I'm currently living in Athens-Greece and i'm thinking bout moving to Bristol for a fresh start. I was born in Wales ( Mother is welsh ) so i've got the british passport and citizenship.

I'm a freelance illustrator and a drummer (30 years old), so my main concern is finding the right place that combines both. A community of musicians(rehearsal spaces, live bars/clubs) and creative people of all sorts ( screen printing shops, art galleries, hangouts etc).

Ideally an area where u can get around easily by bicycle, close to parks, friendly people, active during the day and night so I can mingle easier since I wont know anyone there.

Oh and the cheaper the better obviously :)

Thanks in advance !


Hey Jason ,

Bristol is my favourite city in the UK, I moved here 2 years ago. it sounds like, considering your background you would enjoy it too!

Bedminster is a good area to live in , close to the centre , to parks , relaxed community. East street is cheaper but a bit rougher. North street is the trendy area and is therefore more expensive. Just to warn you, in case you are not aware, UK rental prices are very high at the moment.

Hope this info helps!

I'm going to second everything Aurelia just said. I've been here for nearly six years and it's an amazing city. I'd also add that Bristol's property market is particularly bad and getting worse in terms of how quickly it moves. Its almost at London levels now. There's no time to think about anything. If you find a place you like you should rent/buy it that day or it'll likely be gone.

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