Malaysia work permit fee

Does anyone know how much it costs?
Thanks a lot


Work permit fee is not really much But it depends on pass.

without agent you can get Employment pass in below RM500

OK, that is not a lot.
Thanks for answering.

Work Permit fees not a lot. one of my friend is doing. let me know if you need help. i can ask.

nieldestin :

Work Permit fees not a lot. one of my friend is doing. let me know if you need help. i can ask.

Thank you. One member said it is around 500 RM, which is not a lot.

Yes correct. But if you go through agents they charge more right.

My company told me the working permit cost 13,000rm then it's a half half case.. so they will only charging me 6,500rm. Is it this much? Btw, my employer has the agent to process it.

Companies don't need to use agents and pay fees because the whole process is online these days.  This is the charges levied … n-charges/

Hi Gravitas,

The company levy charges cost 13,000rm? As my company told me? And they said that we will share the payment half. ? Are they telling the truth? Lol


No, I don't think so. Also are you sure it's a legitimate job offer and not a hoax?

Hi Gravitas,

Actually, I applied to their head quarter office in Singapore. It's a translation service company and at the same time software provider company. But they said that they will hire me to Malaysia branch instead and they have the agent to do / process the working permit thing. And they told me I need to pay the 6,500rm charges. I was like this is too much right?

And also I need to to the medical (FOMEMA)?

Pls. Advice!


Oh I see what they are doing. They are getting you a Foreign Worker Pass and they are making you share the cost of all the levies which the company should be paying. Unfortunately this is common place in Malaysia (although not legal). Yes you need the medical. I think you do part of it before you leave your country of origin and then report in Malaysia within a couple of days to get the blood test and xray done?

Actually, I'm in Malaysia now. So you mean. I really need to pay 6,500rm? (And it's not legal). So do I need to leave Malaysia when they will going to process the working visa? Thanks

Can't answer your questions, sorry. The agent can do that or the employer.

Hi Gravitas,

Thank you for ur answer anyway. It made me think.🙂

It's a great pity the company is not hiring you on a professional work permit as that is much cheaper to do (under RM500).  Of course there are salary levels to be adhered to, but really think you should not be coming here for less than RM 2500 per month. I get a bad feeling about such high charges and wonder if you are actually paying it all yourself as maximum I would expect it to cost would be about RM7k This guy is a very reliable agent who you could ask for a quotation - Mr Krish from Maxwell House
+6 013-633 3319

Hi Adhel,
My advice to you po, be very careful when dealing with the so-called "Agent"
Don't trust anyone especially when pera is involved, be it an agent, remember po, you are new in Malaysia.
I am back in Singapore and will be in KL on 29th May for a week and thereafter to Manila again and back to Singapore.
I have my Malaysia number in my profile, do feel free to contact me and if I can be of any help in any matter, I will.
I have both Viber & WhatsApp
Goodnight, Good luck, and God Bless.


If u travel on VIsit pass and wanna process then u may need to leave the border to cancel your visit pass.
and about you have to pay half RM 6500 sounds fishy, b careful. All process can be done by company and its hassle free and cost is around RM500. Levies is not required for Professional Workers  (i.e. EP CAT1,2,3) but need to pay tax which will deduct by your company from your salary, Do not forget to ask TAX  number and  proceed to get your ID and password from LHDN  for online declaration of TAX.

Shared based on personal experience.

Can you pls help us how to do it? My husband is currently in Malaysia and I have a friend who is willing to employ him in his manufacturing business the Problem now is both of us dont know how to start the process..

Hi sir. I am here near shah alam. And can you please to talk to your friend that how i.Can apply my pass in Malaysia. My relatives is here in shah alam and they own a company also. My email I'd is jitsinghvikram84[at]

   Please in this.


Rcesep04 and Vikramjitsingh

The employer has to start the process. He makes contact with immigration and signs up to be able to process a work permit -  You can read all about this at the website where he has to register.

You would need to get a work permit through this pathway to enable a dependent (wife) to join the work permit holder in Malaysia. You would also need a salary of RM5k per month (Category I or II Professional Passes are the only ones where you are eligible to bring your spouse). You would need to show you have experience in the type of work for which you are hoping to be employed.

So I am just repeating, it is responsibility of the employer to start the process. It is clearly explained on this website.

This link is to the guidelines with all the information needed about the structure of the company required to apply and all about the process.

Please note it is a FREE SERVICE provided by immigration when doing the process through the website.

Thanks Gravitas for the quick reply. Actually no one of us is from Malaysia I'm working in SG and my husband is planning to work at my friend company. She also don't have any idea on the process and that makes us worry..

Rcesep04 - you just have to follow the links especially the one to the Guidelines - and in about 30 minutes you will understand everything.

It's up to the friend at the company to undertake the process. As I imagine you both want to live in Malaysia, I have mentioned the process to be able to do that. Not all work permits give permission for a spouse visa.

The only issue may be the size and structure of the company your friend owns. You can read about the requirements in the Guidelines.

Hi Gravitas I just ask my friend and tell about this and she said a friend of her tell her this "thts y dearvtht lady told me tht expatriate will bit harder because mine is enterprise company and on top of tht thy alao chk the p&l"

Well no gain without pain, as they say. The company has to be set up a certain way to hire foreigners (non-Malaysians).

You sound like a sensible person and its important someone reads about the requirements. It is absolutely a waste of money to hire an agent to try and get a work permit.

It is a free process and if the company does not qualify then that is a fact of life.

njayasinghe4 - you get a job in Malaysia and the employer applies for the work permit.

depends on the category,but its the agent who charges a hell lot more,,

Hi I am Indian passport holder currently living in Indonesia I want to apply for Malaysia work permit can you please tell me the price and all process

Guri dhaliwal. The employer has to apply for the employment pass. It cannot be bought. In fact it is free approval by immigration when it is a Professional Pass Category I, II, III or IV. So best action is to find yourself a job. This tells you all about the process and requirements for both the employer and the people they recruit It explains what salary is required and if dependents can be brought into the country or not.

Guri dhaliwal :

Hi I am Indian passport holder currently living in Indonesia I want to apply for Malaysia work permit can you please tell me the price and all process

What kind of work do you do?

How to get job

Search on

Can you ask your friend how much it cost? I'm trying to apply for working permit now. The website only says 300 exclude immigration fee.
I also heard from agent that it might cost more than RM10k but I heard from my friend that it's not that expensive. I'm not sure how much it really cost

dynr10 - Foreign Worker visas are more expensive because Agents get involved and there are employer levies which usually get passed down to the employee. I heard that the first FW visa can cost about RM8k.

Getting a Professional Visa costs next to nothing (it is perhaps that charge you have read) because no Agents are involved and the employer does the application. So the cost will depend on how much the Agent decides to charge.

People need to know what immigration system they are being employed under. The difference is whether the work to be done is classed as professional (a degree is required) or unskilled (FW pass).

This may explain the cost difference

Professional Pass

Foreign Worker Pass

the truth is the immigration fees are less than rm1000, but but but it all depends how many middle agents are involved to get the visa, the more middle men involved, more the charges

The company I'm working for is a startup company and they haven't registered to be MSC status company. I heard it could take 5-6 months.

I've heard that there are companies that are willing to register foreigner under theirs so that the foreigners can work in Malaysia.
Anyone knows about this?

Outsourcing companies do register workers under their regime, e.g. Kelly. However, it is illegal to register someone under one company and then work for another. Employment passes are specific to a company and a job description.  This is because the company has to have a certain structure, paid-up capital and quota of local -v- international employees.

I am from India on dependent visa , which does not allow me to work, can I apply for work permit which may increase the chance of getting a job in Malaysia?? By the way Am a physiotherapist.

You can apply for a job..once you are confirmed you can always shorten your dp and apply for an employment pass

You can not apply for a work permit if you dont have a secured job. Only the company hiring you can apply for your work permit

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