How easy is it to find a job in Malta?

Thinking about moving there from London in the summer, worried about finding a job though :( I know the unemployment is very low but in comparison to the people in the country it may mean they do not need more people. I am looking for a restaurant job, waitress... cashier.... not anything that needs qualifications. Is the job market alright? Thank you.

Hi there,

I have no personal experience in this field of work, but know people who do.

From what I understand, finding a job as a waitress, ... is easy, especially in high season - you don't even need to speak ERnglish; I had a student (I taught her at at an English language school) from Moldovia who barely spoke any English, but she worked as a waitress. However, the pay in these jobs is VERY low!

Best of luck

Thank you for the info. I understand it's around 3-5 Euro an hour, no? I mean I guess for me Malta isn't a permanent thing. Just a few months to explore a new country. As long as it would be enough to pay bills, it would be alright.

Finding work in these fields is very easy, though the pay is low. Min wage in Malta is around 4.50e an hour. The main obstacle will be getting suitable accommodation, especially if you arrive in high season. Rental prices have gone through the roof in the last couple of years. Sliema and st Julian's where most of the jobs are situated, are also the most expensive. The St. Paul's Bay Area is very British and also a good area to find work , and . If you can share a flat things are much cheaper. Feel free to pm for any further help

The other problem you may find is that if you look for any sort of job you will have to get a work permit as you are a TCN, if a suitable Maltese person is available for the job they have to be considered first , followed by EU citizens and then TCN's.

That is assuming that you are employed legally of course!


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