How has your life changed in Austria

Hello everyone,

Has your life changed since you moved to Austria? If so, in what way?

Tell us more about all the changes in your life regarding your family, job, or friends. What about your frame of mind? How would you define your mood?

Leisure activities improve our health and social interactions. How much time do you dedicate to leisure activities and networking nowadays?

Would you say that your standard of living has improved in Austria? What income differences have you noticed?

On a scale of 0 to 10, tell us how much your expatriation to Austria has transformed your life (0 = no change, 10 = dramatic change).

We look forward to hearing from you!


:) Life is great in Austria, a lot slower speed than in UK.  Thankfully for me, I semi-retired (more retired than anything) on leaving UK so life is much slower and less stressful.  So the move has definitely changed my life and I would say 8+  :lol:
It is strange that when we leave Austria for any period of time it is always great to get back home (home is definitely Austria now not UK).
Carinthia has lots of sunshine, lovely places, good food and we have great neighbours so overall I would rate our move a 10/10  :D

Would agree with David 407, life is better here, seasons more distinct, warmer. My health has been maintained better here in Austria, and prescriptions are cheaper than in the UK, but then chemists have a closed shop and basic medcines are expensive. 9/10 from me. Food standards are superb. Am sadly not retired yet, so having to work, as is my wife. We miss the family here, although we have been visited a few times. We also have friends who have moved to Bavaria, who we also occassionally see. Because of my unsocial hours, difficult to maintain friends here. Our neighbours too are caring.
I am bilingual and fluent in German, but finding work is far more difficult than it should be here, especially for over 50's, as they readily acknowledge. My real concern now has to be Brexit and how that will affect our futures, or will there be an influx of highly disgruntled ex pats emmigrating back to the UK, having their hand forced by our wonderfully short sighted hard Brexit Tory government? The next two years will tell. Would it be worth staying in Austria and claiming the minimum pension, foregoing the English pension that I paid into for 37 years? Hmmm...
Scenery goes without saying, as do our regular country treks in the cleanest air in Europe. A good railway system too, and so quiet and spacious!
Connections are still viewed with great importance in Austria, which can make life easier or harder. Employers also vary considerably, so choose with care.
The EU laws are very slowly adapted here, and gladly next year the smoking ban will at long last be enforced. Will the UK reverse these too? Smoking inside back in pubs?
Some towns in Austria have suffered greatly with changes or closures in industries, and hence the towns themselves have suffered, looking somewhat dilapidated, unless they are in a tourist zone. We are lucky in that we live in a top 10 ski and trekking resort, so the town is thriving. We disagree with some of the development though. Land here is at a premium and high cost, hence new houses are built for maximum profit and maximum land use with barely or no gardens - sad!

Rod604 :

The EU laws are very slowly adapted here, and gladly next year the smoking ban will at long last be enforced.

Although it will be law, they will still smoke in the Lokals in small towns, or they will have back rooms.

probably true and especially if the landlord or owner has the right connections...but larger hotels and businesses which are also sometimes subject to government or state inspections will have to comply!

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