Vets in Mauritius - Animal problems.

Don't know of anyone but if you phone the vets at PAWS they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Hi healthfirst and welcome to

Sorry to hear about the health condition of your dog.

I'd request you to have a look at the list of veterinaries found in the business directory section and eventually contact the recommended ones.

- Veterinaries in Mauritius

Good luck. :)


Sarvesh team

Great post and useful contacts, thanks.
I dont know when you posted it but sadly, Dr Bourdet has passed away.
Does anyone have phone numbers for the others? Or updated information?

I know this topic was in 2011, but I’m hoping someone can help me. Do any of the vets on the island have a CT scanner?

Thank you very much for this Mt StormTrooper
Unfortunately it is a bit dated. Dr Bourdet passed away and the quality of service in some places went down.

We were longtime supporters of Dr Bourdet but now we go to Vetocare Clinic in Curepipe for all our pets. The main vet there is Dr Vicky Ruhee. He is one of the best vets in Mauritius for sure. Probably one of the top vet surgeons we have met. He is not money-minded and his facilities are well-equipped.

I highly recommend him.

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