How to make friends in Turkey

Hi my brother murat how are you
Am hassan from Morocco
I love Turkey and Turkish people ,civilization, culture,language,food and everything about this great nation.
I would like to be your friend if it's possible.
Thanks brother

good morning
Turkish peopel very friendly so much
some times reeally so much friendly

I'm thinking for a while now  to travel to turkey on a small vacation & i'm intressted in meeting & knowing friends there who can show me around let me know what's popular what i should try where should i go u know that kind of stuff & also a would love to know a little bit about the culture

Hello,  I am new here,  I need to make good friend from Turkey

Mr.jay it would be great if you can tell more about the bars and introduce yourself and i think you speak same language as i do.
Which city do you dwell in?

Hope I can find friend here also even not turkish people. ..

Hi murat ! i'm Sabrina
add me ***

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Hi.......  ı saw your ad accidentally..ı am an English educator lady retired from the university..
You write about  tha vacation in turkey..ı dont know who you are but ı can advise you my sister s hotel pension which is 2 hours drive from izmir can have a restful and secure holiday at my sister s pension hotel at yenifoça izmir and gotosee the beautiful and historical places around there..
good luck and best wishes..

well after going to istanbul many times, i learned that you cannot trust anyone from the beginning especially if you go to bars and night clubs. there are lots of "mafia" people if i can say that would like to trap you after you drink some cups. i do know some friends who were sent to the police because of this.

Its really hard to find friends here :(

I am in Ankara , Just want to find a good women friend for chat , why it is so difficult?

hi i want to know more about you

Well not easy in Istanbul !!

Hey guys I’m planning my honeymoon in Turkey in April 2018. Could you guys help me?
I was part of the trip to be fast paced and the other part to be quiet and relaxing at a beach hotel. Please help, any adice would be greatly appreciated.

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