Living & Working in Hong Kong vs Singapore

Hi everyone,

I know this is an old debate but I'm in that fortunate position of being able to choose between moving to one of these 2 places.

It would be great to here you're insight, especially from the people who have worked in both HK and SG.

A bit of background about me, I'm British, 27 years old, single and a recruiter in the Technology industry.

Right now, I'm pretty free to move around, although not sure how many more years I'll be this way.

Both locations really appeal for different reasons. I've read many times that Singapore is boring and for families, and HK is exciting and good for singles.

I believe this statement is a bit outdated and not necessarily true, as Singapore does have a lot going on these days, in nightlife, events etc. So I guess it's caught up to Hong Kong in that regard.

Would be good to hear some insights from anyone who has been in a similar situation to me.

Thanks in advance!

I'm not sure of why you've posed the question, in the first instance, especially since you're already second-guessing the host of previously written comparative opinions (you've read), regarding the HK/SGPR lifestyle differences.

Anyway, words to the wise should be sufficient, and HK really is the far more cosmopolitan option, especially for young, single British males, like yourself. Capisce? ;)

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