Advice needed for relocating to Singapore as contract worker

Hi all,

I need an opinion or suggestions from you all to help me to make decisions.
I'm from Malaysia and working as an engineer with my current salary of RM 6500.
I've got an offer as a 1 year contract in Singapore and they offered me S$ 4100 with 1 month reloc bonus and another 1 month bonus after completing the 1 year contract. Furthermore, there are chances to get converted as a permanent after the 1 year contract over there.

I understand that in terms of lifestyle, i will be downgrading my self if i choose to work in Singapore because i plan to live there and work. My concern is not my living lifestyle but saving money only. Where can i save money more ? and is it a wise choice for me to accept the offer ?

Appreciate the help.
Thank you.

Your query is half informative and it's not clear whether you have family? If you have then they have to stay back in Malaysia as less than fixed basic $5000 salaried employees can't bring their family or spouse to Singapore.

If you are coming here as an unmarried person then you may stay in a rented room (a master room can cost you nearly $800 to $1100 depends on location), a common room can cost somewhere between $500 to $700.

With basic lifestyle you can save money of $2000 in each month, which is approx equivalent to your current drawn monthly salary MYR 6,500. So, not sure where and how you concluded by saying that your life style will be downloaded if you select a job here.

A general rule of thumb is that the number of MYR you need for a certain lifestyle in Malaysia is the number of S$ you need for that lifestyle in Singapore.
So if you can manage to live off MYR2000 in Malaysia, you need S$2000 for the same in Singapore and can save the other S$2000 of your salary.
But certainly the chances to spend more (and the temptation) are greater in Singapore!

You can always elect to maintain a residence in Johor, while commuting daily.

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