FInal Exit and Bank loans

Hello, I'm currently working in Riyadh, I will go Final Exit but still have unpaid bank loans? Will I face problem at the immigration? I already have my Exit visa. Thank you

Its best not to leave the country with unpaid loans, you will face problems in future and morally not right. Hope you will realize what you are doing and will take steps to correct this.

Hi, If ever you will leave a small amount of credit card balance. Will there be a problem with immigration if you go on exit?

There wont be any issues in immigration,but better not to leave even small amount , clear it , phone them , cancel the card and go. You will save a lot of head ache in future as well.

What are consequences if we leave a small amount of balance?

Hi guru.

I dont have wnough money to pay the loan in whole. I plan to continue paying it even if i am out of Riyadh already.

Will they hold me in the immigration?

I have application in other country that is why i have to go exit now because of it.

Hi did they hold you in the immigation?

Hi kenturk. What happened to you? Were you able to go exit?


Have you been safely got exit from Saudia...?? Does anyone ask somw thing in immigration...? Please reply.

Guys please confirm can exit without paying loan, and come back on new visa, and start paying again??? Though I will deposit 6 month installments in bank

Hello can anyone confirmed with regards to stoping you at airport,

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