Dinner next Friday anyone?

I'm from London and moved to Singapore end of last year. I've just joined this site after realising I'm bored eating on my own, doing solo sightseeing and only socialising with work colleagues when the odd after work event happens.
Proposing dinner next Friday with say 4 random ppl who'd like to do the same.
Message me if interested, happy to do the organising!
See you soon hopefully  :)

Hey JayLa

Welcome to Expat.com :)

I have moved your post to the Singapore page





      I am new on this platform too. I just saw your text. i would have missed your dinner by now. I am  open to connect and introduce my country as an information guide or a random friendly tour guide. My name is Vick and am hindu singaporean. Reachable best on WhatsApp. Good day .


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