Malaysia dependent VISA cancellation


I  have a situation and needed your advice which will be of great help.
I was switching company here and had to cancel my current EP and DP.
My Dependant wife is in India, and I am in Malaysia. Online visa cancellation was done with no issues for both of us.
I submitted mine and wife passport for physical visa cancellation stamping with my wife passport last exit and entry stamp attestation from external affairs and consulate of general Malaysia in Chennai .
They have stamped my visa cancellation on passport but for my wife,they have not and said the applicant dp needs to be in Malaysia to cancel it.
Visa expiry is in 2020 and my exit is on 25th May. We need to reenter in the month of June on new visa. Could you advise how to go forward for dependant visa cancellation now?
Thank you.

Somebody wrote on the forum the other day they cancelled the spouse visa just using passport as spouse was in India. I think they went to Putrajaya. Let me see if I can find it again

Here it is dated 8th May 2019


I came across with same problem and visited immigration office Cyberjaya, explained the situation.
Immigration officer told me to get the passports through courier and acknowledgement letter from visa holder employer to cancel the dependents visa. Did the same and they returned passports with physical cancellation in 3 working days. Thanks.

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