Moving in around 4 months

Hi everyone. I have just joined this forum as my hubby has a new job starting in Riyadh in a couple of months and we will join him a couple of months after. I have two daughter 3 years and a baby 9 months.
I'll probably be asking a lot of questions over the next few months and I know it's been asked plenty of times but I want to know everyone's opinions on compounds recently. What ones should we be looking for that has good facilities for children
Possible kindy for a 3 year old
A nice pool
And if possible a bit of greenery. Nothing too concrete :)

Hi Lozzie

Sounds like you are the same as us we move out in 3/4 months with my husbands job.  I have only one daughter age 6. Over the past two weeks I have researched our new life LOADS - the compounds that we have narrowed our search down to are Al Rushaid and Zamil Compound, both have plenty for kids to do and adults, two nice pools and doesn't look too concrete.  Not sure about Nursery as I didn't look at that due to the age of my daughter.  Have you thought about which school she might go to?  Not sure what age they start pre school over in Saudi.  I know our friends in Dubai there little girl started at 3.5/4 years old.  We are looking at BISAK and DBGS, as you are Australian you might want an international school rather than one that follows British curriculum. 

Lots of exciting times ahead! 


Very exciting but very nervous! My girl will be starting kindy in August I think it is and my brother in law who is a principal at a international school in Hong Kong said I should just be looking for a good play environment at her age.
Thankyou so much I will look into those two! I guess I have to trust the hubby a little bit considering he is going over before us.
Will you be working or a lady of leisure? :)


Absolutely your hubby will be able to look around and get a better feel.  My hubby will be going out for a visit in the next two weeks so hoping he will get a good feel for which compound will suit us as a family.

I will be a lady of leisure or as my husband calls it early retirement lol .  I am use to working almost full time so I am looking forward to getting into the relaxed life of Saudi and spending more time with my little girl.  What about you?

Omg I just looked at Al Nakhla and I need to move in  here! It has everything I'm looking for. And only a 16 minute to hubbies work. It looks pricey and not sure how much we get as a housing allowance and if anything available but crossing all my fingers I love it. :)
Yes a lady of leisure as well :) We will have to meet up for a coffee :)

We are looking at the Khobar area so you must be Riyadh area. Definitely meet for coffee - we will need to build up our social circle to keep busy :D

I'm feeling lots of trips to shopping centres and regular massages and facials are going to be on the agender 😂

I am so there Lozzie!! I have awful shoulder and neck pain due to my current job so massages and relaxing are high on my agenda ha ha

I will suggest al bustan village in Riyadh , as it's a well known compound for westerns living in here

Thankyou. I've seen this one also and looked great. Have you lived here before? Is their a lot to do for children?

We we better try them all out to find which ones the best 😉


You can email each compound and ask for details and a copy of an old newsletter to see what types of activities they have.  Give you a good insight :D

Thankyou. I've have emailed Al Nahkla and they have got back to me already. Pricey so not sure if it's in the budget that the company gives us but hoping so. I really do like this one. Good thinking on the newsletter thankyou 👍

well , you must visit it.

You are welcome Lozzie82  in Riyadh,
Yes, there are many compounds in Riyadh with the a good facilities , if you will go to the westerns compound the price is more expensive than the other compounds as well as the services provided by the compound.

Jackieg84 :

We are looking at the Khobar area so you must be Riyadh area. Definitely meet for coffee - we will need to build up our social circle to keep busy :D

Hi  Jackieg84 , if you want compound in Khobar i can help you .

I need suggestions on how to get a suitable career for me and my husband in Riyadh. Since we both got married it has been our dream to relocate to Saudi Arabia. I am a preschool teacher with more than 6 years of experience and my husband is an optical technician with more than 10 years of experience. We jave 3 kids. I need help and ideas on how to start up. Any job recommendations? Do you think we can get a job with good wage and will it be affordable for a good life? And what would be the minimum wages for such jobs.

Thank you....

Husband will be out in April to sort it out thanks

California Resort offers everything you are looking for. I have lived there about two years and it is great.

Don't fall for the aesthetics of Al Nakhla....

Hi Lozzie82 how's the plans coming along for the move?

We are STILL waiting on visas. We've had a few setbacks but hopefully soon everything will start to happen.  😠 We were told this will happen but I'm getting impatient. How about you?

Our visa application has just started.  Hubby is going out on Saturday for a week to see his new work facility and look at villas.  I guess everything just happens at Saudi pace rather than how quick we would like it.

I am counting the days I have left to work then the real work begins lol. 

What line of work does your husband do?

Ooooh if you have any info on villas when your hubby sees some let me know. But I don't think you will be in the same area? My hubby is in mining. Want to start getting organised selling furniture etc. He had his first interview last June! And only got the contact two weeks ago. Hopefully soon! What does your hubby do?

Yes we are going to be in Khobar think you are Riyadh.  My hubby is in oil and gas.

I've already started selling our lives in facebook ha ha.  Things like sofa and beds will need to wait otherwise we will be sleeping and sitting on the floor.

Things happened very quick for us, he was offered the job through his current work in Feb then signed the contract last week.  It's crazy....never know what life is going to do next

Hey is your husband going to work for Maaden?

Hello Lozzie82 and Jackieg84. My husband is also in Riyadh and myself and our 2 children are waiting to be allowed to come on a visa. How long do you all think it will be before you actually move? My husband is almost at his 90 days however his management said it would be a while before we could even start the process to reunite. He works for Al-Salaam aircraft I believe. Does each company have different time frames, quotas or something? It seems you ladies are just about ready to move.

Hello MuslimahNikole

I suppose it depends on the support given to yourself and your husband on getting the visas.  My husbands work have a visa company that they employ to help with such things.  Is your husband dealing with it all himself?

We are still waiting on visa stuff to get sorted. We are pretty much at the end of it now so timeframes we are looking at now is my hubby moving start of August and we've been told we will go 8-12 weeks after :)

Turns out that although my Husband told the company he wanted to bring his family, he ended up signing a "single" status contract. When he inquired about when we could come, they said its difficult to change his contract to "family". Now it's up to me to get myself and our children to Riyadh with my brand new teaching degree (just graduated May 10th) which I've heard was highly challenging as I have zero certified teaching experience.
I've been pretty discouraged and melancholy lately. I just want my family back together as soon as possible.
Anyway, Im rambling. Thanks for replying to me. Hope all goes well for you all.

Hi Lozzie :cheers:

welcome to Saudi Arabia :)

compounds in Riyadh are very expensive i suggest to look around the city for good neighborhood like north Riyadh or in the central you will find great apartments/houses with good price

Hi Nikole,

Sorry to hear of what your going through. I hope you manage to get it all sorted. I can only imagine how hard that must be.

Sarra x

Hello! I just joined the forum and my husband was just offered a job that would locate us at Al Nakhla Residential Resort. I was curious to know if you had moved there yet? I have five children ranging from ages 2 to 14 so I want to make sure I do plenty of research prior to accepting the offer and moving our family. It looked fantastic to me as well!

Good morning. No we are still waiting to go. My hubby leaves August 8th and then he has to get our visas which we have been told 8-12 weeks after that. Has been a long time coming but nearly at the end. Sorry I can't tell you much more that that :)

Hey amenities are great but units are very small and poorly constructed. My friend who lives there has constant maintenance issues, not to mention sewer smell.

Best of luck

Calafornia Resort is in our top two. Still happy with it? And would you say the condominium are pretty spacious? Thanks :)

Yes very much so. The 3 bedroom is 220sqm...

Hey Lozzie have you arrived in KSA yet??? Other ladies?? X

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