Best usages and practices in Singapore

Hello everyone,

Living in Singapore means learning new ways of doing things and incorporating to your daily life unique practices.

We invite you to share unique practices, tools or methods that could also make a difference in other countries.
Here are a few examples of the best practices found throughout the world. In France, a health chipcard makes medical procedures easier and faster. In Japan's train stations people queue patiently and orderly. In most parts of North America drivers can turn right at a cross road, even if the traffic light is red. And many countries manage their waste with sorting techniques and colored bins.

What about you? have you found innovative and useful practices or services that make daily life simpler in Singapore?

Thank you for your contribution.


In my opinion, there are two things Singapore has and others should have:
1. A public service that is quick, efficient, friendly, free of corruption and does what it should. Always.
2. Food courts and hawker centres with the best value for money meals.

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