Best usages and practices in Austria

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Living in Austria means learning new ways of doing things and incorporating to your daily life unique practices.

We invite you to share unique practices, tools or methods that could also make a difference in other countries.

For instance, have you recently discovered new rules or habits regarding transportation, the environment or health in Austria? Are there innovative and useful practices or services that make daily life simpler?

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The supermarket competition in Austria is generally weak, hence the prices of every day necessities are somewhat inflated, even at Hofer/Aldi who in other countries are usually 20 percent cheaper. However, the quality of foods in Austria are extremly high.
The Apotheke or pharmacies are a closed shop hence the price of medicines are also high, as not even supermarkets are allowed to sell any form of medication here. But then the national health service in Austria is one of the best in Europe.
Public transport in major cities is nothing short of incredible, with trams, busses, and underground in cities such as Vienna. Other cities combine trams and busses as well. In traffic, trams have priority.
Bureaucracy in Austria prevails, and many hoops have to be jumped through when seeking help or advice.
Taxes on wages is still high but then you are paying for an excellent health service.
Smoking is still king in Austria, but should at last change next year when smokers will not be allowed to smoke in public buildings, having fudged it since the ban was introduced in most of Europe.
Here we have proper distinct weather seasons with full on winters, colourful springs, hot summers, and glorious autumns.


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